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what an uncertain time this is. while Germany is slowly easing out of lockdown, I feel like it will be a long time until we are back to normal and I have no idea how this new normal will look like. For now, I’m just thankful for being in good health and back working which makes everything seem brighter already. although my time in self-isolation went by quickly, I now notice how blurry the time before it all seems. it seems like an eternity ago and like it barely even real and despite being very privileged during this time with a secure job, a beautiful flat to stay in, plenty of everything and good company with my boyfriend and cats, it still played with my mental health especially because I felt to dispatched from reality with all the uncertainty. I had extremely low days and the worrier that I am, I did paint in the future in very dark colours from time to time and its not that I didn’t have a reason to do so with family members at high risk and me just starting a new job before the crisis emerged. It truly has been a weird time and still is.

As its not over right now and we still have a long way ahead of us, I wanted to use todays post to share a few things that helped me when I felt down and dark and that helped me feeling a bit more at ease and maybe there is something in here that makes you feel that way too.

Use your time outside

I think we are all aware that its not the time to prance around outside but a time to use your time outside for your service. I might be out more than others because I’m back at work full time but when I was home all the time and more so now, I like using my time outside wisely to do something that makes me feel good. Ultimately, I like being as far away from any other human as possible and clear my mind of anything going on and ground myself. I’m very lucky to not be surrounded by people as soon as I step out of my flat and having woodlands and fields close which leaves enough room for everyone and I like to be just by myself, leaving my phone behind and sometimes let me mind wander and enjoy being with nature. I recently have been a slight bit naughty and if I found beautiful wild flowers I have picked them to take home and take the outside in. Especially with lilac season going on its just too beautiful. To me, I have to take the time to appreciate nature around me and how it blossoms no matter what and if not, more beautifully without human interaction. If you have the chance to be with nature I would highly recommend it but more importantly is using your time outside to your service only.

Hydrate well

I know its the time to share your homemade banana bread and cooking and baking seem just so much more attractive than before and I have most certainly done my fair share in both but once thing I kind of neglected for a while was hydration. Maybe its because when I feel low I don’t feel like consuming anything which in return makes me feel even worse. now, I’m a water person but I hate drinking tap water. I have no idea why but it has been that way ever since. Because we wanted to limit our grocery shopping time to only once a week and I hate buying loads of bottled water, an e-mail in my inbox seemed just like the solution. I have heard of waterdrop* from the german version of dragon’s den and saw their stalls in malls before but never looked into it but the concept is genius for people like who don’t like drinking tap water but probably should. Its little droplets which dissolve in water and add a pleasant taste and vitamins. honestly, it’s so good. I take some of the micro drinks to work with me so I can fill up my bottle whenever I have finished and it’s just so easy to use. The Starfruit – White Tea – Lemon Grass flavour is my favourite.

easy exercises

I know this time can be really pressuring to be as productive and never have time off but adding a regular exercise routine into my weeks has helped me so much. its not about getting super fit during self-isolation and completing as many 30-day challenges as possible. Its about gently moving your body and in return having it release endorphins. My boyfriend actually had me join his morning runs and even though I stated multiple times I would leave immediately if I feel a bicker rising, it was great and still is. I’m only a beginner at running and still working on it but its such a great way to ease my mind and just get a sweat on. I have also enjoyed gentle yoga, pilates and stretching and my favourite of all time and probably always will be because nothing in this world makes me feel more at ease with life, horseback riding. I’m lucky to have a beautiful horse which I need to look after, also during this time and driving to take care of her and take her out has been the highlight of my days. Maybe your time outside can be combined with exercise but even a little stretch and yoga can do so much for you.


Blouse: InTheStyle

Jeans: ONLY via Asos

Cardigan: H&M

Hairclip: Monki

Bag: Mango

What about you? how have you been dealing during this time? please let me know.


* waterdrop has kindly sent me a bottle and a few microdrinks to try. all opinions are as always my own.

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