Why I don’t rush anymore

Life is a rollercoatser isn’t it? And sometimes I feel like I’m nor strapped in properly and not prepared for loopings at all. I’m very determined and like to succeed at everything I do which off course can’t be. On top of life’s many rocky roads comes the pressure of achieving certain things in a certain time span or some sort of age being a deadline to wrap up different life goals such as academics or marriage exactly those pressures that seem to be put upon one by whomever are what made me feel like life was a giant rush. Who made it first? Who gets marries first? Who has saved up enough money to retire first? As much as I was caught up into this rush before it made me wonder what for? Being miserable until you can finally retire? And I came to the conclusion that its not the kind of life I want to lead and I decided to get off the rush and just be and enjoy the journey and it has made such a difference.

why rush?

spending years rushing and doing every possible thing to fit into some sort of standard of perception of what life should be like and when I always felt down and like I couldn’t possibly meet the expectation and it seriously took away the joy. After trying to escape the rush I tried to get a proper reason as to why I felt like I had to rush through my 20s and I couldn’t get a valid answer or at least one that satisfied me. there literally is no need to because life pans out differently anyway and all that rushing won’t get you anywhere and won’t make you happier quicker. It just makes you feel down and not enough when all you do probably is just enough and your best. It’s perfectly fine to not wanting to settle down with kids by 25 or saving up for a deposit. You can go back to school and you can change your career path and just leave the rush behind.

Am I happier?

to be completely honest, its not always easy to resist the rush or move against the pressure but I can say: I am. The past years have been riddled with anxiety, pressure and more mental break downs than I should have and in the end of the day I learned my lesson but got nothing worthwhile out of constantly rushing through life. The past 6 months have shown me more than the past 6 years in terms of happiness and a life worth living and I couldn’t be more thankful for the lesson and the life I get to live but resisting the rush made me so much more balanced and happy and that is enough of a reasoning to me.

my outfit

Blouse: InTheStyle

Jeans: Bershka

Bag: Cult Gaia

Hairclip: NastyGal

What about you? Do you feel the pressure to rush and does it have any effects on you? Let me know.


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