Things that excite me about Spring

oh, how I love spring. it’s a new beginning, a fresh start and the end to long and cold winters. winter here usually means horrible winds and endless grey days and I wish it was just snow but instead its just darkness that drags on especially when Christmas is far gone. maybe I love spring so much because I love flowers and tender greens but also because I’m an Aries and it’s my time to shine in April. I’m not going to waffle on about astrology but I’m not only an Aries but my rising is in Taurus and my moon in Gemini so you could say spring is my season. Before it feels like summer might truly be on its way I thought I would share my love and excitement for spring with you despite it being an extremely rainy day today, there’s always a reason to be excited about spring.

The Blossoms

Do I actually need to say more? if you have been on Instagram lately, you’ll have seen cherry and apple blossoms, magnolia trees and now wisterias all around. You basically can’t not notice them and to some, it might be annoying after a while but I can’t get enough. Even looking at them makes me happy and going on blossom hunts to shoot them is my idea of fun on a day off. I would honestly just sit there and stare at the big pom pom looking flower heads of pink cherries or constantly inhale the alluring fragrance of big lilac bushes. They just draw me in and I almost get overwhelmed by nature. It has to be one of the main reasons why spring excites me so much.

The Fashion

as much as I love layering during the colder months, winter usually means wrapping in a warm coat and hoping not to freeze to death. there isn’t much room to play with fashion as I’m more focusing on staying warm rather than putting a super fashionable outfit together. as soon as its getting warmer, I feel like my deep love for fashion and my need to play and enjoy it comes back. I love seeing spring fashion coming into stores and I start craving floaty dresses with chunky cardigans. it all gets very soft and girly during spring and I love it.

The Light

there’s just something about lighter days, isn’t it? and its not just waking up and it being light outside or just getting light and being able to enjoy a glass of wine outside with friends and it not being pitch black by 6 pm. its also just more sun, prettier sunsets and sunrises and mixed with all the colours coming back to vanish away all the grey. Personally, I feel the light is softer during spring and it’s not only beautiful to just appreciate, it’s amazing if you love photography or create content yourself. it’s just the best.

The Happiness

As much as I don’t mind the colder and darker months but I feel like the emotions and general happiness of many suffers during winter. Seasonal depression is the reality for many. its so lovely to see everyone enjoying and loving the outdoors again. I like going on walks around my neighborhood and like getting a cup of coffee in little coffee shops around and its such a joy to see kids playing in the parks all around and everyone enjoying time outdoors again. It just makes me so happy too.

My Outfit

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Cardigan: H&M

Sunglasses: H&M

Bag: Cult Gaia

Location: Gärten der Welt, Berlin, Germany

What about you? What do you enjoy about spring and what gets you excited? please let me know!


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