Peony & Blush

I must say, I’m a sucker for luxury beauty and makeup and I have been ever since I started getting into the wonderful world of beauty since my first proper foundation was from mac. Obviously the products work for me and are worth the price for me but in some cases its also the experience I don’t mind paying for. I usually find their employees are so helpful with everything and I never had a bad experience with their service and then its the way they present their products and package it once you are done. maybe its because I have a soft spot for good visual merchandising or because I just like visually pleasing things. one of those brands just has to be jo malone to me. everything about them is just so beautiful to look at and an absolute treat. their scents are not only unique and some of them iconic they also make the perfect gift.

peony & blush suede

The essence of charm. Peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile. Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede. Luxurious and seductive.

One of my best friends bought me this beautiful set of small cologne and body cream and its perfect. I wanted this scent for ages as peonies are my absolute favourite flowers and I adore their very deep and alluring scent. Whenever they are in season I have a fresh bunch somewhere in my flat at any times. Having a scent to remind me of just that sounded perfect and jo malone peony & blush suede is just that. It lasts forever and is perfect for spring and summer. A perfect gift I’m very grateful for.


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