My Summer Plans

summer is right around the corner and for me, that means planning ahead and making plans for long summer evenings and hot days. I must day summer is not my favourite season and last years heat wave made it almost unbearable for me but there’s still many things to look forward to especially with the summer holiday season coming up and some days, weeks even off work. I feel spontaneous and fun plans come up easier during summer and I can’t wait for many nights out enjoying a cold drink or trips down to the lake as soon as it gets too hot in the city. So let’s talk about my summer plans:


Usually, I make plans for holidays away with my family but since they are moving and are all around busy my boyfriend and I planned just for the two of us. We were craving some heat and beaches and quickly started looking for a destination in southern Europe. one of my good friends kept on talking about the beauty of Sardinia and since I adore Italy we settled on the beautiful Italian island with Caribbean like beaches. It’s also surprisingly affordable. We booked in a cute little hotel with its own restaurant to too far from the prettiest beaches and I can’t wait for good food, wine, lovely people and endless sunshine and the prettiest beaches.

The annual boat trip

Can you call something annual when its happening the second year? If not I really would like to make it an annual thing because its just most fun. last year, a group of friends and I rented out a little boat. It was a raft style one with a little hut, enough space to sit and to barbecue and it was the most perfect day. We swam and enjoyed the warm weather and despite me leaving with the most hideous sun burn, we had a blast. Because everyone loved it so much we decided to do it again. I can’t wait to spend a whole day on the water and hopefully we will be lucky with the weather too.

Fruit Picking

summer is THE season for fruit and this might sound dull but I can’t get enough of fresh berries around this time of year and with cherries coming into season too, I’m just the happiest. there’s something very calming and therapeutic about picking fruits and either eating it or cooking it into jam and we did exactly that last year and I loved every second which is why I want to do it again this year. We were a bit late for strawberries last year and I want to make it my mission to pick them when they are in perfect season.


as I said, summer is not my favourite season and I tend to wish it away a bit. the thought of autumn just gives me much more happiness but because I get excited about autumn and winter so quickly, I don’t really enjoy the warm days and the opportunities it gives me. this year I want to do my best to enjoy summer as much as I can and do all the swims I want to do as well as explore what’s around me. Hopefully, a summer well spent and enjoyed will make for beautiful memories to think back to when its dark and cold out.

My Outfit

Jumper: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Sunglasses: Quay

What about you? what are you looking forward to this summer? please let me know!


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