I joined the Cult

Yes, I did it. I joined the Cult. Not as dramatic as it might sound despite being absolutely obsessed with a podcast all about different kinds of cults but I’m not joining a spiritual leader or leaving my normal life behind but it’s still a very special time in my life and a true treat. I bought myself a designer handbag and I’m absolutely smitten with it. It’s on display the whole time and if I could I would stare at it the whole time. It has been on my wishlist for ages and I bought many dupe bags before to see if I really like the style but there’s just something about it. with my birthday I thought it’s the perfect time to go for it and get the perfect little thing for my summer wardrobe and for life really. I hope I can pass it down to my kids one day and maybe, just maybe it will be the one bag which started my own handbag collection: my very first cult gaia handbag.

The Bag

It must have been on kate la vies Instagram that I first saw the infamous cult Gaia arch bag. Although I have never seen anything like it before, I fell in love with it. I loved how different it was, that it was made out of bamboo and just looked so unique and slightly quirky. Many brands have been coming out with dupes or inspired bags and when it was my time to finally join in with my very own cult Gaia bag. Even though the arch bag is absolutely stunning and I still adore it, I went for something else. It’s the:

Zaha Bamboo Bag

It has this beautiful round shape with made out of the signature bamboo spines. A set of feet at the bottom will make sure it stands securely and won’t roll away once placed in your closet, on display or just sitting anywhere out and about. It also comes with handles to carry it around. Surprisingly it opens very widely and perfectly overlaps its handles to make a perfect circle once its not carries which might my a small design detail but its extremely satisfying. It’s my perfect bag.

My Outfit

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Cardigan: H&M

Headband: H&M

Bag: Cult Gaia

Location: Berlin, Germany

So here it is; the cult I have joined. My very first cult Gaia bag and beautiful treat for my birthday. what do you think?


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