Valentine’s Day with Lush

if you are a long term reader of this blog you will know about my love and probably obsession with lush. there’s nothing like a big bath filled with scented bubbles or the most colorful bath bomb. I’m the one to go crazy over limited editions as well as my favourites and I always manage to stock up during their Christmas sale just to have enough bath supplies for the ultimate pamper or when I just need something to calm me down after a long day. when I saw lushs promo for their valentines day stock, I knew some of it had to be mine. for the past few years, I found their valentines collection to be one of the strongest. It’s always so fun and playful and obviously a bit romantic too. So in honour of Valentines Day, I thought I would share my picks with you.
so let’s start with the one I got most of. it’s the Peachy Bath Bomb and what can I say? I’m obsessed with it. not only is it huge and the idea behind it is just genius. I feel like everyone has seen it with the matching eggplant bath bomb in honour of all the cheeky texts you might want to send. But that’s not everything about it. The scent is also incredible. It’s obviously peach scented but not sickly. Its the smell of the juiciest ripest peach. So far, its one of my favourite bath products they have ever done. I actually don’t want it to be gone and I went into the store twice to get it but it has all been sold out so I’m obviously not the only who loves it dearly. if you have yet to get it, please do. it’s incredible. 
because it was sold out the first time I went, I had to go for a gift set. The Peach and Love Gift Set contains one peachy bath bomb but also the Love Boat bath bomb. the little boat sails into your bathtub creating the most incredible almost sunset looking colours and it smells beautiful as it contains lemon peel and rose oil. 
one product I haven’t tried before is the Open your Heart Bubbleroon. I know the gold glitter will mess up my bathtub but I just love spicy and woody scents and bubbles too. It contains sandalwood which always reminds me of my boyfriends signature scent.
Another favourite of mine is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and I have to get it every year. It creates the softest and biggest pinky toned bubbles and makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale. I hope they bring it back every year.
How about you? have you checked out lush valentines day range? what are your thoughts and I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

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