Going – Out when its still Cold

I think we can all agree that this winter hasn’t been the coldest and the warm rays of sun lately make spring feel near but I don’t like to get my hopes up too quickly. the cold winds haven’t calmed down and we went ice skating on a frozen lake at the beginning of March last year and also did our Easter egg hunt in the snow. as much as I wish for a very sunny and very flower heavy spring, it’s not quite here yet. over the past years, I have noticed that I don’t really go out as much during the colder months even though there are many occasions. maybe because it feels more cozy to be inside or maybe because the thought of putting on a dress even with tights gives me instant wind chills.
I have been trying to make a conscious effort to dress chic and fitting for my occasion but also staying warm at the same time. I might be inside a lot but still, walking places or changing locations can be enough for me to feel cold and ultimately wanting to go home.
thermals are a girl’s best friend

never underestimate the power of a good pair of thermals. if you don’t want to invest in proper thermals, super cozy tights from Primark are where it’s at. the soft fleece lining doesn’t make the tights look like actual thermals or leggings but it keeps my legs toasty and the walks to and from so much more bearable. if its super duper cold I will go even further and put proper thermals on but a pair of good thick tights and a top under whatever I’m wearing just does the trick and makes me feel toasty even when the winds are brisk and the nights freezing cold.

invest in a good coat
I have a proper big winter coat and it keeps me really warm on a day to day basis but even though I love it deeply, it’s not exactly chic. in order to keep warm and fit with a slightly more put together outfits, I think a good quality smart coat can do the trick. a wool or even cashmere one will work perfectly and they usually look really cool. over the years and through the many cold winters I had to experience I have quite a few in my collection. a smart and very simple cut black one I a style staple. this year, I have added a neutral toned beige tartan one to my wardrobe and it has been my go to this winter.
go midi or maxi
I used to stay well away from midi or maxi dresses as I felt like they wouldn’t dress me very well. I’m not exactly the tallest and my legs aren’t the longest either but recently I have been loving them. they are not only very trendy but the extra layer of fabric just makes me feel a tad warmer and I don’t have to fear a bladder infection or a horrible cold as a nice going out treat. they also just feel magical, especially with lighter fabric and flowy skirts. they give me the need to constantly twirl around and make the most of them.
find your going-out dress
accessories are key
sometimes, you need more than just a coat and a nice dress to keep you warm and ready to enjoy the night ahead. there are nights when I won’t go out without a big scarf to keep my neck and sometimes even face warm. they can also look so chic too and paired with a good coat they just add something so beautiful to any outfit. sometimes I even take a pair of gloves and when you live somewhere with real winters, investing in some is a brilliant idea.
my outfit
dress: H&M
shoes: Zara
bag: Asos

Location: Potsdam, Germany

what about you? how do you like keeping warm when going out? let me know your tips so we can look cute and fight colds all in one go.

*this post was in collaboration with quiz clothing*

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