Looking back at 2018

oh hello and welcome to 2019. it’s a new year, a fresh start and a whole new story to write and experience. some might not be a huge fan of resolutions and clean starts on the 1st of January but I certainly am. I love setting goals, reminiscing about the good and also bad times I have had and focusing on something new to come. 2018 has been so bright and I had the highest highs in a long time but I was also in my darkest and fell really low.  it was the best of both. light and darkness and a great learning curve. I feel like I grew up, sort of, and figured out who I want to be and what I want to dedicate my life to. I can’t wait to turn my ideas into reality and hopefully collect as many memories along the way as I can. Here is to the new and a new story to write but first, let’s look back on 2018.

the highs
01. there will always be people who travel more or less or just different than I do but I feel like in 2018 I saw so many new places and traveled around Europe as well as doing a fair few day trips to explore around me. from London to Nice and Monaco and back to London as well as a Summer spent in Sweden and Denmark, it made me once more thankful to live in Europe and am surrounded by so many different countries, cultures and beautiful places to explore. We also did our best to appreciate our surroundings by exploring castles, nature and different cities all around. it has been a beautiful year to go explore and travel.
02. spring. as simple as that. spring is one of my favourite seasons as it is and probably because it’s my birthday and I can resist the fresh green all around as well as blooming trees and the first rays of warm sun. I had the warmest birthday all my life this year and due to heavy sunshine, the blooming cherry, apple, and magnolia trees were bigger and brighter than ever. I managed to capture so many of them this year and it made incredibly happy. I was one of the prettiest springs I have ever experienced. 

03. one of the things that made me the absolute happiest this year has to be this right here. my little blog on the internet. it’s my main creative outlet and one of my biggest passions. I feel like I started getting a groove with my content and where I want to take things. I mixed in a good portion of fashion and lifestyle content with my love for beauty and it showed. the feedback I got from you guys was beautiful and I’m so happy with my content. this year I was able to land a few sponsored posts and being paid to do something I love so much just feels unreal. I can’t wait to grow with my blog in 2019. it’s my happy place.
04. friends. I was never one to have many friends or a huge group of friends. to be fair, I always struggled a bit to fit in and make proper friends since I am quite good on my own. this year, my friendship with a lovely group of friends grew stronger than ever. Its just what i have ever wanted. a group of beautiful and lovely ladies who understand and respect each other. we made amazing memories this year by going to the spa, going on nights out or just relaxed at each other flats. we rented a boat out in the summer for a whole day and ended the year with our friendmas celebrations. I just love them very dearly.

the lows
01. the year started out with a very dark time for me. I had to confess to myself that the course I was in at uni was never the one for me and that it deeply scared me. it was hard to admit that, especially since I was about to enroll in my exams to qualify to become a lawyer or judge. I took some time off to find myself and figure out what I truly wanted in life. I’m so thankful for my education and how smooth it was all the time but I just wasn’t on the right track. I spend a lot of time crying and not knowing where to go but after a few months, I started realizing what it is I need to do and if everything works out, I can move into my dream career in 2019. 
02. mental health is always a big one for me and due to the hard times I had to go through, I struggled with anxiety a bit. it surely not as bad as other people experience it but it was horrible nonetheless. it just took such a toll on me and it made me quite unhappy. luckily, I have an amazing support system around me and I was able to feel better.

 a few more highlights
01. my boyfriend. he’s my biggest rock and I’m thankful to have him and I hope we can spend many more years together.
02. my family. we are so close and it makes me incredibly happy to have them around me.
03. finding myself. I feel like I have been a bit lost in my early twenties and in my mind and I know feel like I’m on my way.
04. coming to terms with my faith and spirituality. its such a personal topic and I could talk about it more but I’m so happy about it.

how has your 2018 been? let me know your highlights and I hope you are ready for 2019 too. thank you so much for your support and love the past year. it means the world.

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