What Size am I?

well, that’s the kind of question you either don’t like to get asked or don’t like to ask yourself. it’s also a question that could cause some serious controversy. its a time of change in fashion and luckily, we are slowly but hopefully surely moving away from only portraying one type of model. always wearing the same small size, having the same look and features. it’s about being inclusive and diverse. there probably is a huge spectrum of sizes now from very petite to plus and I always struggled to find a part of the spectrum for me. it’s the grey middle part which probably most women and men fall under. even though I’m not a big fan of labeling myself or in fact anyone and the whole clothes sizing drama can be quite triggering for me due to mental health struggles, I came across the term “mid-size”. never heard of before, never thought about it much but something clicked for me. am I mid-size? what is it even and should I even care? so let’s talk about it!

what is mid-size?
it’s basically neither petite nor plus-size. it’s the middle which most people are. mid-size is a term which refers to clothing sizes 10-18 mainly. its the middle of the sizing spectrum if you want to say so and its represented in most fashion stores except h&m. I literally have clothing in about 6 different sizes from h&m and they all fit which just is not okay but that’s beside the point. whilst petite and plus size options can be lacking and usually have dedicated section like Asos petite or curve, mid-size is widely available. yet, it’s not the most represented sizing when it comes to advertisement. I’m 5”3 and wear between a size 10 and 12 which means I fall under the mid-size umbrella but I still am on the shorter side but even though I’m not the tallest, I would refer to myself as wearing and styling mid-size fashion.
What does that mean?
In general, it does only mean that there is more than being petite or plus size. there is a middle bit as well. so now, “skinny privilege” has been thrown around for a while and whilst I despise the word skinny to describe someone’s body, the general idea of said privilege is that most high-street stores only cater to a very limited size range and even if they do size 16 and up, it might only be a very limited amount of clothing which ultimately aren’t to everyone’s taste and kind of dictate a way of dressing. whilst most mid-sizes can be found in every store sizing varies and a girl wearing a size 14-16 might be struggling still as stores such as h&m have the weirdest sizing out there and really only fit a small range of people. 

does it even matter?
sizing can be a difficult subject and certainly be a trigger. it used to be for me and probably still can be. for some reason, I almost got a relaxation out of finding out that there is more than just being petite or plus size. there’s a middle and that’s fine. it also for me can be a step further in accepting who I am. I have hips and boobs and I used to feel absolutely horrible about myself and it has taken years and years to accept me. at the end of the day, your size doesn’t matter and doesn’t define you but it can be a true hurdle and something that can put a little downer on a shopping trip with friends. I have been there and I know its painful.
there’s more!
it’s time to show the diversity and make sure to show not only one type of body. we might come up with more terms than petite, mid-, or plus-size. when I talk to my friends there are only a few who never beat themselves up about their size or the way their body looks and I have no idea where exactly that toxic relationship comes from but I sometimes wish there wasn’t size or body pressure as I’m sure I would have a much better relationship with myself so celebrating diversity is the way to go.

my outfit
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Dress: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: TK Maxx

Photography: hummingbird photographs

what about you? what do you think of sizing? does it matter? do you fall under mid-size? let me know your thoughts.

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