Skills I wish I had

learning new skills and learning about the unknown is one of my favorite things in this life and I must say, over the years I have learned so much. something I needed to learn for university or school, other things I learned for pleasure and there surely is much unnecessary knowledge I have. one of the best things is not only learning but also perfecting a skill. I find many skills might come to one naturally and they perfect it over time, most you can acquire through hard work and loads of practice and I always hope there are a few things that I’m really good at. even though I’m proud and happy about the skills I master or still am about to perfect, there are few I just wish I came naturally to me or had some sort of talent for or maybe just had the time and dedication to perfect it. I’m pretty impressed by skills my friends have that I wish I was better at or wish I had poured my all in but it wasn’t made for me so let’s talk about skills I wish I had.

drawing and painting are some of the most fascinating skills one could have and I have quite a few friends who are very, very good at it. the skill to create beautiful art with just a pencil leaves me speechless most of the time. I would describe myself as quite an artistic and certainly creative person but drawing and painting is just something I’m not good at and it’s a skill I’ve never managed to master at all. I only took very basic art classes in school and always admired the drawings of some of my very talented classmates. to be honest, I don’t think its a skill I will ever truly get into, let alone perfect but still, I wish I was very good at drawing.
so don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about dancing with your friends on a night out and just having fun because my friends still go out with me which means my dancing can’t be all that bad but there are plenty of very, very talented dancers out there and just have to admire their skill. the way they know their body and have a feeling for rhythm and music is just beautiful and there is not even a specific genre I prefer, everything from ballet to modern to hip-hop and any kind of street dance. it’s all beautiful and yes, I can dance in the club but that’s about it. maybe I will get into it at some point as I took dance lessons when I was a kid but for now, I’m admiring all the dancers from afar.

patience is key sometimes and it makes life much calmer. I know I have gotten much better with it but patience is something that doesn’t come easily to me and I basically want everything to happen immediately. sometimes I just got to wait things out and let them happen. I know everyone gets impatient sometimes and gets fed up with slow progress but I know many people who master this skill so much better than I do and I admire them beyond belief. I just need to make sure waiting things out and seeing what happens is better than freaking out because I’m so impatient. 
this actually is a skill I make my mission to learn in my life. something about calligraphy makes me feel so calm and its so fascinating to see. you can create so many beautiful art pieces with it. I know there are classes which you can book and learn the skill and I so want to it at some point. I can only imagine the beautiful cards and prints I could create with it and maybe even utilize the skill for my blog and social media too. it’s a skill I really want to learn and master.

my outfit
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Dress: Primark
Scarf: Primark
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Boots: Primark
Bag: Primark
Glasses: Ace&Tate

Location: Britzer Garten, Berlin, Germany

are there any skills you wish you mastered or you want to learn? please let me know.

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