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there are many reasons why I’m excited for the last months of the year and one of them is lushs seasonal collection. they do Halloween and Christmas just so well and when I saw their ranges being available and had a mini freak out. baths just are better during the colder months and there’s something so magical about lush gift sets and the anticipation of what amazing products they come up with for this year. when I had a lovely Saturday out with my parents, I popped into lush, not really expecting to find christmassy products. I was more on the hunt for their Halloween stock. last year, it wasn’t in late September so I was very surprised to not only find the Halloween products I was looking for but also Christmas stock and this year they really went all out. there will probably be another lush haul closer to December and my lush boxing day sales haul will be on fire but for now, lets take a look at what I bought this time around and I hope you share the excitement for more festive content but don’t you worry, we will be back to autumn asap.
so the Halloween product I was on the look for is the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. it’s my favourite from their Halloween limited edition. it looks so adorable, creates beautiful bubbles and the little bit of glitter just makes it even better. it has a very lovely, slightly woody scent and makes for the perfect pre- or post-Halloween bath to defrost or just relax. I prefer bubble bars to bath bombs but I had to get the perle de sel bath bomb. it just looked too beautiful to leave. its plain white with gold nuggets on the top and it was a very interesting scent. it contains sea salt and rose and almost has a salted caramel scent without the heaviness that caramel would add. I can’t wait to use it. next up is the candy cane bubble bar which just looks like Christmas and even better, I doesn’t smell minty. i have a weird thing with minty scented things and most of the time can’t handle them so I was very pleased that this one has the very sweet and not sickly scent that peeping Santa had. it’s beautiful and because its such a classic lush Christmas scent it always makes me feel pretty festive. lush keeps bringing out different versions of their bubble spinners which I find to be such a weird but also cute idea. I had to get the snowflake bubble spinner. it just looks so adorable and actually not too christmassy. it has a very fresh citrus scent and I hope it will create perfect bubbles in my bath. so the last one I got is not only covered in glitter and will make an absolute mess in my bath but it just looks so cute and the scent is my favourite. its the little puddy holly. the perfect little Christmas pudding. it smells of marzipan and cocoa butter. its incredible and I can’t wait to use it.
are you a lover of lush’s seasonal stock? if so, let me know if you tried any of this year’s products and which ones you are most excited about.

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