Sunday Mood #104

oh, it feels so good to be in the swing of things again. I don’t know where my sudden lack of motivation and lack to keep up a work routine comes from but this week I managed to get out of it again and it feels just so good. I like being busy and productive and there certainly is nothing I love more than creating content and having my social media up to date. it has been a very good week indeed and I hope I can keep my motivation up this weekend as I have such a full on week ahead of me. luckily, it’s a long weekend here which means a little more me and blog time than I would usually have.
what I did
this week was mainly spent in front of my laptop typing up posts and snapping photos for upcoming posts and to be fair, it was blissful. after the busiest weeks ever some home time was well deserved and needed. I felt like my ability to interact in a social context was running very low and only being surrounded by my cats and boyfriend seemed like the best idea. I did a spot of shopping on Thursday when I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish a meeting and I also purchased something very naughty…a vlogging camera and I even started vlogging. I couldn’t be happier. vlogging has been my favourite thing since I gave it a proper go last October. so just expect loads of vlogs from me.
what I didn’t do
see my friends during the week but I was just as introvert and anti-social as one could be. I had a birthday party coming up on Saturday and after a week all to myself, I was very much looking forward to being surrounded by amazing people and celebrating one of my best friends birthday and it was lovely.
what I ate
the highlight food wise of my week has been the food at my friends birthday. different kinds of salads, slices of bread and dips, potatoes, chicken, cakes and even macaroons. and I ate it all.
what I want to do next week
next week will be full on. work will get super busy as my boss is on holiday and I have to take over. hopefully, I can still manage to vlog a bit and I will make sure to keep my blog updated too.
one word to describe the past week

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