My Relationship with Astrology

we live in a time of crystal infused waters that make having rose quartz and a salt lamp a basic in every home. spirituality, beliefs and cleansing the soul, as well as regular meditation routines, are highly discussed online. it’s easy to build up knowledge of which crystal does what and how the time you have been born might affect your personality, the way you communicate with others and how it benefits your own life. to some, it might sound weird and like a cult but to some, it gives answers to questions and a deeper understanding of themselves. some might not believe in astrology at all and some do. I have always believed that the time I was born and the star sign I am has a deep effect on my personality and my character. I find myself nodding away to the description of my star sign online and I am more attracted to and interested in certain signs and find others very hard to understand. in today’s post, I’m sharing with you my relationship with astrology and how I believe in it and use in my day to day life.
my star sign
I was born on the 15th of April 1994, 6:50 am in Berlin, Germany. that makes me an Aries but that’s not the only sign that affects me. with the help of the co-star astrology app which is brilliant and I would highly recommend I was able to find out in which moon I was born. the moon regulates your emotions. mine is in Gemini and the ascendant. its determines how you present yourself to people. mine is Taurus. 
how it affects my personality
aries are known to be very courageous, impatient and impulsive and also very competitive and independent. some might describe them as enthusiastic but also stubborn. an Aries is likely to distinguish themselves through work, routines, and bodily health. it basically describes me. I would describe myself as a true Aries. my emotions are ruled by my moon in Gemini which means I easily feel restless and unsettled. I’m adaptable and can easily feel like I’m pulled in too many directions. a feeling I have very easily and it has happened to me one too many times. reading the description for my moon for the first time actually opened my eyes as the description is almost too accurate. as my ascendant is in Taurus I can give the impression of being reliable, settled and sensible but also stubborn. stubborn but settled and sensible has been a description for me from others for years.

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How I practice astrology 
now, astrology can be practiced very deeply by analyzing moon phases and how the planets rotate and how that might affect you. I’m sure i would find answers about weird moods and off times in that but I know I would get too invested in that if I started. I like to rely on astrology to understand myself more and what my strong points and weaknesses are. it helps me to improve and do better with the abilities and strong character features I might have. it also helps me to understand which signs and people I work very well with and to improve my understanding and communications with those who I struggle with and I strongly believe in it. I had a conversation with a friend about it all and he never thought about how his sign might affect his personality and although he found it all very interesting he didn’t really believe in it and that’s fine too. sometimes I feel like you have to believe in something for it to work. 
star signs I feel most attracted too
it used to be very hard for me to understand why certain relationships, no matter if its friends or loving relationship, just are so much harder and request lots more work but leaving the feeling of not moving forward and basically being stuck in conflicts and miscommunication and I do feel like it has to do with star signs too. over the years i found out that the people i have the best relationships with and feel most attracted too are very likely the same sign. the signs I feel most attracted to are Leo, Aquarius, and Libra.
do you believe in astrology? please let me know your experiences and opinions.

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