Sunday Mood #99

my loves, I’m beyond excited to announce that spring arrived in Germany. over 20 degrees today, a week of sun ahead and me planning all the shootings I want to have with blooming trees especially since my birthday is coming up next Sunday. the blue skies and sunny days just make me so much happier and hearing the birds chirping and kids playing from outside makes me want to put a floral dress on asap and head out too and actually, that’s exactly what I will do in a short while. spring just has to be my fave. the colours and return of everything green and floral but I could be a bit biased because I’m an April baby and I love it.
what I did
after bank holiday Monday and a very relaxed Tuesday I had a very work-heavy week and the beginning of it didn’t really go as planned. despite really looking forward to work, I had a full on panic attack on my way to work and that hasn’t happened in actual years. I wasn’t able to calm down and I’m so grateful that my co-workers covered my shift so I could go home and calm down. my boyfriend picked me up and made sure I had a relaxing day. luckily, I didn’t have any issues with anxiety after and the rest of my work week was very full on and busy but lovely. once again, I’m so grateful to have the job I have and a team that looks after each other.
what I didn’t do
I didn’t go to the gym once which is very naughty but I will be back next week and I can’t wait to work out again.
what I ate
I’m shifting back to really clean eating right now and my body loves it. I have been obsessed with ginger shots lately which sounds oh so hipster but my body loves them. I feel like it makes me feel so awake.

what I want to do next week
after a very busy week, my next one will be a lot more relaxed. I hopefully will get loads of work around my blog and channel done. I feel like I haven’t had time to fully enjoy blogging recently and I want to put much more work and effort into it.
one word to describe the past week

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