Pre-Birthday Pamper

it’s my birthday week and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. I always loved my birthday and liked celebrating it but usually its very close to easter or on Easter weekend which made it really hard to celebrate with friends, especially when I was in school. this year it’s not only after easter but also it has never been this warm and sunny on birthday ever. I’m not counting in the one time I celebrated my birthday in Disneyland California and Tucson, Arizona when I was an exchange student in the US because that was too special on its own but having 23 degrees and bright blue skies on April the 15th is a first. I’m currently thinking about making a strawberry cake and setting up the table on the balcony because it’s just too nice to be inside. I don’t really go all out when it comes to my birthday week but I do like preparing myself, treating myself and making sure everything is perfect for the day so in today’s post and in honour of my birthday week I wanted to share my pre-birthday pamper products with you.
I’m a big pamper person as and I love having a set pamper night before an event such as my birthday. a bath is a must for me, just to relax and take some time to myself. maybe with a bit of modern family on the side. I saved one of my favourite seasonal lush products just to use before my birthday and its the unicorn horn bubble bar. it created the most perfect pink toned bubbles. for extra bubbles and as a shower gel I have been loving the barnängen midsommar shower oil. it’s a Swedish brand and they do very simple but beautiful products. the shower oil itself smells beautiful. it’s a warm natural and warm scent which really reminds me of Swedish summers as I was lucky enough to experience a few of them in my life and it nourishes my dry skin extra well. masks are a must for any pamper and currently, I’m not too sure whether I will use a Sephora lychee sheet mask or the fresh rose face mask. both of them are beautiful and truly hydrate my skin. before actually doing one of the masks, I like taking extra good care of my skin with a double cleanse. the nuxe face cleansing makeup removing gel really just melts away all the makeup I have on my skin and I like to go in with the fresh soy cleanser after just to make sure its extra clean. the fresh cleanser smells heavenly and my skin absolutely loves it. to tone, I have been using the fresh rose deep hydrating facial toner and it really made me fall in love with toning because it smells so good and my skin feels so soft after. the bottle is beautiful but one slight downside for me is that it seems to be quite hard to actually get the toner out as the rose petals in it tend to block the actual opening of the bottle. other than that it is a great product. finishing off with the lush bubblegum lip scrub and I’m ready for my birthday.
have you tried any of the products mentioned before? do you like doing a pre-birthday pamper?

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