Sunday Mood #92

thank god loves, its February. why is January always a decade-long? so let’s all celebrate the end of January and the beginning of the month of love or pancakes. both are just great things and totally run hand in hand for me. I’m a person of love, I’m full of it and I’m lucky to be loved. so this year I will take valentines day further and I will do a valentines week on here which means a whole week of posts surrounding valentines day, pancake day and my personal love story as our anniversary is right before valentines day. even though we never do much for valentines day or even our anniversary its just a special time for me and I can’t believe that it’s our 4th coming up. where have those 4 years gone? 
what I did
so the past week has been a really good one. I was so productive in terms of content. I got to shoot a video and plan out all the content that will be going up within the next weeks and I can’t even describe how good I feel creating content and being able to focus so much on the blog. I also managed to almost double my Instagram followers within the past month and it makes me so happy. it’s not about numbers but people liking what I do is very rewarding. not only is content creating so rewarding and fun at the moment, I also love going to the gym and working out. I got such great workouts in and my summer body is coming along nicely. 
what I didn’t do
worry, which is unusual for me but lately I have been so content with life and myself that I had no need to worry and its a very welcome change.
what I ate
so there is ultimate comfort food to me and one of them is spaghetti bolognese. its just the best and I made myself some on Saturday as a little treat.
what I want to do next week
my boyfriend got two days off work next week and we will use those days to shoot for valentines week so everything will hopefully be sorted so I can focus on filming and going to the gym which will be perfect. we might be doing a family trip on the weekend which will be fun.
one word to describe the past week

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