Making my Home Festive

styling up my place has to be one of my favourite things and one of the best things about having your own flat. I might not be kate la vie but I still love it anyway, especially since my boyfriend and I have been doing some work around the place and decided to renovate and invest into some new items. we are not finished yet and I feel like you are never truly finished, I decided to add some festive touches to introduce December into the flat. we are not having a Christmas tree up yet as we always get a real one and I like waiting just a bit longer to keep the excitement up. 

golds, reds and lights
our living room might be the room we spend the most time in which is why I decorated it most. I tend to do nothing much to the bathroom and only little touches to the bedroom. one of my favourite things in our living room is the fake mantlepiece that I bought when I moved in. it looks a bit naked due to high ceilings and because I want a very specific mirror above it but styling it up is one of my favourite things ever. I used a gold magazine rack and filled it with baubles and lights. such a nice and cheap way to decorate and you will see that I used this method quite a few times. I also like displaying cards on it. at the moment it’s just one, it’s from the lovely Peta. I bit of foliage with lights and we are good. we recently invested in a new coffee table and sofa and they are just beautiful. I haven’t really styled up the coffee table as its quite a statement in itself but I will eventually place a decorated wreath on it. I swapped my summery palm print pillows for festive ones from H&M home and its perfect. my cat also really enjoys it. 
my kitchen is one of my favourite spots in my flat as it just so cosy and the country style makes it so easy to get cosy. I like adding red, again with candles, baubles in jars and some red bunting. I also have my advent calendar corner ready to go.
tk maxx and H&M are probably my perfect places to update my flat and make it feel more festive and it’s also very affordable.

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