The Basket Bag

the blogging world is full of trends and certain things that pop up and everyone has them or is doing them and usually i try to not give in with all of them especially when they come at a price that i don’t want to pay for something that is so trendy that it probably wouldn’t be around for the next season. this summers bloggers must have is a basket bag! i fell in love with this trend because it just has something so dreamy and summery about it and i think it makes every outfit look a million times more summery. basket bags also have a very french vibe which love. when i saw some of the pric tags i moved away from the trend very quickly because the cult gaia is very adorable but spending over 100€ on its is not going to happen especially because i would fear for all my belongings in it as its not a proper bag really.
the most summery bag
so i went to tk maxx a few days ago because tk maxx is just the place to be for me and certainly my mum. usually i just browse but this time i found something that was almost too good to be true. after giving up on my perfect basket bag i found the most perfect one there and guess what? it was only 9,99€. such a steal and perfect for an on trend piece so if you want to mke yourself feel extra summery and like you’re about to go on the most perfect picnic. they hold just everything you need for the perfect day out. bathing suits, sunglasses, your favourite makeup and obviously things like your phone, keys and wallet. 
have you got yourself a little basket bag already? i would highly recommend tk maxx for finding a cheap one that will bring you joy all summer long.

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