Sunday Mood #67

oh its another sunday my loves and all i can say to that is thank god! the past week has been hectic so having a week end to myself is all i need and i almost don’t want it to end. one b i adore about the blogging community is how festive it is. every season and holiday gets celebrated and i love seeing some of us getting excited for autumn on twitter because honestly, i’m one of them. i’ve never been a summer girl and just prefer the colder months. i can’t wait to go pumpkin picking and i also want crisp mornings, colourful trees, pumpkin spice latte, being able to go outside without it being sticky and humid and i want to see this years lush halloween and christmas collection. you might have noticed that i went a bit autumn crazy on pinterest already but i can’t wait for it. my content will hopefully be on point. but now lets talk about the past week:

what i did
this week was basically all about exams. i had my final 5 hour exam and it was fine but i was just so tired after and just wanted to drive home…guess what? my car broke down! so i had to wait in my car in the pouring rain for 3 hours until someone came to safe me…i hated life but it all turned out fine in the end and the car is fine again. thank god. luckily my boyfriend took the week off work so we had loads of time to cuddle, watch new girl, go out and explore and just be. we both had hectic times and since he just started a kick ass job we are so looking forward to whats to come. maybe a little home revamp and a possible trip to ireland soon.
what i didn’t do
be a social human being…whenever i do exams i don’t leave my flat and study all day. it sucks and i hate it but it had to happen and i have a smaller exam coming up too which is why i won’t be able to change that.
what i ate
nothing too exciting. my highlight probably was a drink actually. i met up to study at starbucks and had an iced chai latte and its so good. a true trea but i just love it and would drink one right now.
what i want to do next week
get the mini exam out of the way and then get ready for amsterdam. i’m leaving on saturday and i luckily have all blog posts for next week scheduled and ready to go. hopefull i’ll get two videos filmed so my channel will be updated too. i actually can’t wait for amsterdam. i hope i can shoot some kickass images and i hope you’ll enjoy the trip too.
one word to describe the past week

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