Sunday Mood #64

hello my loves and happy july. i know i say this all the time but how is it july already? this year needs to slow down. it could hurry up for next week to be over but then it can calm down. next week is gonna be really busy for me as i have a big presentation coming up so please bare with me if i can’t get all the post up but i will be back after. i can’t believe this term is almost over but i’m ready for all the summer trips comin up. london in two weeks, amsterdam in august. i’m ready. i love having trips to look foward to even when its just a city break or day trip with the family. we found those beautiful wild flowers on last weeks day trip and i haven’t seen something like it before. literally blue and reds as far as i was able to see. i hope you enjoy them too.
what i did
i’m really busy with uni at the moment as the end of the term always seems to be the most busy but those days will pass too. i sadly had quite a horrible migraine which meants i had to rest a bit more than i wanted to. the rest of the week was spent with my family or studying away at my desk. one thing that always keeps me going is how lovely you guys have been on my blog, youtube and every other social media. thank you. i really makes me so happy and means the world.
what i didn’t do
i actually wanted to schedule all my posts for next week but it didn’t happen. blogging doesn’t work under pressure for me and even though i would love to keep my schedule up next week, i think you won’t like any rushed posts. seriously, everyone who blogs daily is a hero.
what i ate
i’m so into soups lately and pretty much make everything into a soup. especially since it has been raining like crazy the past week and soups just make you feel so cosy. also, you can prepare them for days ahead. bonus!
what i want to do next week
get my presentation done and dusted so i can get ready for london but i have to keep on studying as i have one exam to do still. at least my presentation will be done and i can spend more time blogging and vlogging.
one word to describe the past week

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