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i remember first seeing skincare by the ordinary popping up and my first thought was “oh another super pricey skincare brand i can’t afford”. i was wrong and i think its safe to say that they changed the game and everyone is raving about them. rightly so, very rightly so. keeping up a skincare routine probably is the one thing that i would recommend to anyone beauty wise, no matter if you are into makeup or not, treat your skin well, please. i’m not gonna pretend like i’m caroline hirons and if you want a proper in depth read about skincare and ingredients, please hop over to her blog. the only thing i want to share with you today is how a skincare brand completely transformed my skin and i couldn’t be happier about it.

do it the ordinary way
i have been really lucky with my skin as i never had to deal with breakouts, acne and everything of that sort. it is dehydrated which means that often it looks quite dull. i always loved any kind of serum and oil as i felt it gave my skin the radiance it was lacking. over the past couple of months i have found all of that in the ordinary skincare. first off all is the hyaluronic acid. the one product that most people have bee getting, i feel. hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the skin which is just what i need. its a clear thick liquid and it sinks in right when you put it on. after using it for a few days my skin got visibly more plump and radiant and the odd dry patch was gone. i just it in the morning and at night and sometimes extra drops under my eyes. to get my skin even more moisturized i use the organic rosehip seed oil at night. its a thick scentless oil whic sits on the skin for a bit longer without making it feel sticky or looking visibly oily. it really soothes my skin over night and i wake up with perfectly great feeling and looking skin.
as the oil i meant to be used at night and generally is a bit too much for a day to day use, i went for the natural moisturizing factors. its a mix of moisturizing ingredients which keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky.
using all of those products and obviously cleansing my face literally made my skin look its best. its plump, looks radiant and my dry patches are all gone. if you are looking for affordable skincare that makes a difference, look no further. do it the ordinary way.

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