Sunday Mood #59

hello my loves. long time no see and i’m just so happy to be back. if you follow me on twitter and instagram you might know that i was on holiday in denmark. my all time favourite beach destination and like a second home since i have been going there for years. after the passed weeks i really needed a break. my mind was so filled up and i didn’t even feel inspired to blog which is very odd for me but taking a week off was just what i needed. i have so many ideas now and so many things i want to do to my blog, to my house, to me. i also made a plan for my youtube channe which i have not been working on for ages especially since my macbook broke…i actually had cry last night because i feel like i can’t put the content out i want to put out because its gone forever but i will have to work with what i have right now and i’ll hopefully be able to get a new macbook very soon.

what i did
so my family and i made our way up to the danish coast and spent a week in a beautiful beach house only a few minutes away from the ocean. we were so lucky because it was basically bright and sunny and i even managed to get a little tan. besides relaxing in the sun and at the beach we did some shopping and i even managed to read a book because i want to and not because i have to. all in all it was a beautiful week even though i was so upset when i woke up to the manchester news. what a horrible thing to happen and to be fair, i still don’t have words for it. after being away for a week i was really excited to get back home to my boyfriend and cat. since summer is fully here we spent two days in my boyfriends parents garden because they are on holiday too and it was beautiful. i’m also on a new meal plan and was workin out almost everyday and i love it. let me know if you want more info about my new routine.
what i didn’t do
stress. it was just so nice to be away from it all and just do what i want to do and now i’m ready for the busy weeks ahead.
what i ate
since being on my new meal plan i had plents of fresh fruits, salads, fish and chicken and i feel so good. i haven’t felt this great in years. even though i eat so healthy i allow myself a treat day once a week and i had the most beautiful belgian waffle with ice cream and it was heavenly.
what i want to do next week
get back into gear and get ready for the last months of uni and its gonna be busy but i’ll be able to do it. i also want to get back into youtube and i have such good plans and since its gonna be super hot i really want to go swimming.
one word to describe the past week

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