Change your Skin The Ordinary Way

if you haven’t seen the ordinary skincare products on all the blog recently, which blogs have you been reading? i has been everywhere and when i first saw the beautiful very clean and just pretty looking bottles i thougt it would be another super pricey and fancy skincare brand no one can afford but i was wrong. luckily. today alone i saw three different posts on instagram just about this products i’m talking about today. the hyaluronic acid 2% + B5.

what it is
hyaluronic acid can hold around 1.000 times its own weight in water and is found in the skin naturally but its function is not to hydrate. hyaluronic acid is found in many skincare treatments to improve surface hydration and making the skin feel softer and more hydrated. the ordinary hyaluronic acid + B5 contains three forms of hyaluronic acid to give deep hydration and visible plumping and also has vitamin B5 added as it enhances surface hydration too.
how i use it
the botte holds 30 ml and comes with a pipette. i thouht it would be a very liquid formula but its thick and clear but not oily feeling at all. after cleansing my face with water based cleansers or just water i put 3-4 drops on my skin. i don’t put it onto damp skin but i make sure that my skin isn’t desert like dry. it sinks in very quickly and i use my regular moisturizer or the ordinary rose hip seed oil on top. i use it every morning and night.

what it does
okay, i don’t really expect skincare products to work ove night. i believe if you use something for a while it will do its job so i wasn’t prepared to see instant changes but i did. my skin is very dehydrated at times and can look pretty dull. this hyaluronic acid changed that within a day. i couldn’t beliee how plumb and just healthy my skin looked. no dehydration in sight and it just felt so good. like my skin was just happy. for the little price of just 6,80€ i couldn not believe how amazing this worked in such a short period of time. its that kind of product i look forward to. i want to use it as my skin loves it so much and it helped so much te dehydration i struggled with. i feel good using it because of its simple ingredients. it has no super long list of crap it contains and because the website you can order from offers prope information about their products. 
sometimes i feel like products are just hyped because everyone loves them but this one has all the riht to be hyped up and since i’m a student i love that i can afford it too. 
if you have dehydrated skin and you feel like its just looking to dull at times, please get this one. its available on asos and just works a treat. if you ave tried it yourself, let me know what you think. 

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