23 Things I learned in 23 Years

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1. love your family
I know i’m beyond lucky to have such a great family around me and they always, always support me and show me so much love but are also true and real with me. after all, family is what is left and i learned to just make time for family only times and is just so good for the soul.
2. one amazing friend is better than 10 who don’t care
i wear my heart on my sleeve and want to please everyone and i always thought more friends mean being a better person and that is just not true at all. now, i have a few very close friends who i can count on no matter what and i know they will be with me through good and bad times.
3. cut out toxic people
as i said, i’m a people pleaser. through some very hard times friendship wise which included me being blamed for my blog, i decided it was about time to surround myself with good people only. the ones who are honest and supportive and don’t cause any drama and it has been one of the best decisions ever.
4. work hard
uni had been a challenge for me after school basically being a walk in the park for me and i truly learned to go the extra mile and work hard. sometimes you just need to get your shit together and do what is needed to do in order to create the life you want to lead. life will always require some hard work at times and its worth it. it can’t always be easy.
5. do what you love
besides working hard you should ultimately do things you love doing. one of the things i ultimately love is this blog and my youtube channel. truly one of the best things i ever decided to do. it brought me so much joy and is something i just can’t imagine not doing anymore. its just one of the best parts of my life.

6. worry less
besides being a people pleaser i’m also a worrier. i always think everything might go wrong, i might not be good enough, i might never get to where i want to be and its bad. it takes away my joy so many times and its quite hard to get out of that habit but i’m working on it, small steps.
7. live in the moment
i tend to be nostalgic or rather already be two months ahead than sitting in the moment and just enjoying the time that is just happening which means little things, good times and a smile from a stranger get unnoticed and thats not great. live today, live the second to make it all worth it.
8. love
love is what makes us and created us and showing loved and being loved might be one of the best things in life. its worth showing and feeling. not only for a partner, its worth loving your friends, your family and your dog. just love.
9. celebrate
life is worth celebrating and no, you don’t need to throw a party everyday but celebrate your achievements and every holiday out there even if its jut by buying yourself an easter egg, putting on christmassy socks or go out for a drink with your best friend when you passed that god damn exam you have been studying for for weeks.
10. love yourself
self love is something i have to work on myself but being able to love anyone else for life starts with loving yourself. even if its just one feature about you. pamper yourself, dress yourself in the clothes you want to wear, take time to go shopping by yourself or just have an afternoon to yourself. its very much worth it.

11. dream and dream big
i’m a true dreamer sometimes and just colour in the life i want to have in my head. in the brightest colours. i think theres no valid reason why you and i shouldn’t do that. why not dream of the chanel handbag you will be getting one day, why not think about the kids you want to have, the places you want to travel to? it makes me want to reach my goals even more and makes me work even harder.
12. hangovers get worse over time
when i was 16/17 i was able to drink my own body weight basically and woke up the next morning feeling fresh as a daisy. those days will pass, for sure. since i gave up alcohol at 19 i noticed it getting worse back then which was one of the many reasons why i gave it up and now i see my boyfriend suffering for a whole day after going to the football…not worth it.
13. healthy food is just better
my family has been eating very healthy all my life and i grew up with what i called “my organic mum” and even though i used to be upset that she wouldn’t take me to mc donalds, i now love what my parents taught me about food. cooking healthy meals for myself is fun to me and makes me feel way better than the very occasional crap food i have.
14. have a pet
i also grew up with having pets. my family always had cats and dogs and my sister and i pretty much had every pet you could think of and they just benefit your life. we own a cat and i couldn’t imagine life without my little ball of fur. he is just joy and happiness and it truly makes my heart so full having him. pets are just great.
15. travel
in my life i was lucky enough to travel quite a lot to various different places and its just beautiful and so eye opening. i feel like you learn to respect other peoples cultures and its also a lot of fun and will make you aware of life out of your comfort zone and ultimately, its great fun. traveling doesn’t need to be with a back pack in asia, it can be a city trip, a little get away to the coast.

16. be offline
as much as i love being online, the real life happens away from the screen and i just like having time without my phone in sight. me and my friends also have a rule of no phones at the table when we meet and my boyfriend and i usually don’t have our phones with us when we are eating or just catching each other up and it helps so much. 
17. talk it out
life means getting upset about things. maybe someone didn’t treat you the way i want to be treated and most of the times people don’t do it to upset you. so i learned to directly talk to people when i feel upset and it is the way to go. do it in a respectful way and just in a one to one conversation.
18. feel the feelings
as much as its always preached online, life isn’t always sunshine and happiness and sadness, disappointment and anger are part of it. feel those feelings. they aren’t bad and they won’t hurt you. obviously it can be but most of the times its life so allow yourself to be sad when something sad happens and you will be able to deal with it much better.
19. the birth control pill is crap
i could do a whole post on that and i surely will but the pill is just bad. it damaged me so bad and i can’t believe why its given to young girls especially when there are more options. i’m so glad i’m not on it anymore and i probably won’t be ever again.
20. law is hard
i didn’t really decide to go to law school and did not think it through as i was 19 when i decided to do it and i sometimes think i would have picked something else if i could start again. law is hard, bloody hard but its weirdly satisfying and rewarding and i know it will be worth it…if i get through it without loosing my shit.

21. have faith
i never really thought i would truly believe in god even though i grew up in a christian family but i do. i truly do and its lovely and its something i feel very comfortable with. faith and religion is up to everybody and i would never judge anyone on their faith.
22. no one has a perfect life
so many people including me want their life to seem perfect and just right but guess what, no ones life is. we all have things to deal with, fears and worries and no one should ever feel bad for that. my life is far from perfect and i love it still. 
23. take time for hobbies
i have always been very involved and active all my life and love doing things in my free time and i’m so happy i picked up many hobbies over time. i love working out, riding, photography, baking, reading and everyone should have time for hobbies and take time to do them. it creates the perfect balance in life.

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