Spring Nails with Essie

i love my nails and polish and have collected many many essie polishes over the years. i’m very, very happy with my collection as i basically love everything about essie i keep on adding new shades in. ever since i started getting gel nail extensions, i have been loving all my polishes even more because they just look better on nice nails and when you put your own polish over gel nails, its stays on for ages, doesn’t chip and looks beautiful.
now spring is rolling around and its getting sunny and warm outside and whenever i feel the warmer months are around the corner, i hide away my dark reds and gold glitters, the greys and navy blues to make room for all the fresh and bright colours. the ones that remind me of all the flowers that are about to bloom and in today post i thought i would share them with you. so maybe you can find a nice colour for yourself so you can update your spring manicure.

left to right: chasity, island hopping, flowerista

left to right: romper room, fiji, go ginza

i just love a good pink, mauve, violet. especially once i feel like spring is almost here. flowerista is a shade i wanted to try ever since i got it for christmas. its such a pretty purple and a shade i wouldn’t usually go for. its such a vibrant and fun spring shade and i can’t wait to use it. a fave of mine for a while has been island hopping. its basically the perfect shade of mauve. its so natural but yet exciting and looks great on the nails. chasity probably is quite opposite of it. its a blue toned barbie pink but for some reason it looks so exciting, so fresh on and almost is the pop of colour i want to add to my mostly monochrome looks.
as for the lighter shades, they are all quite similar but yet so special all on their own. go ginza is a very, very pastel lilac. its almost like white mixed in with a tad of lilac just like fiji is white with a bit of pink mixed in. both are certainly my faves. romper room is very similar to fiji but its just a slight bit darker and a bit more peachy i would say.

so here we are, spring on its way, pastels on my nails and i can’t wait to embrace it to its fullest. i hope you like those kinds of posts and i hope you get some nail inspo of this post. let me know what your favourite spring shades are.


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