Drugstore Skincare Routine

i like writing about topics i feel like i know at least a bit off so writing about skincare feels a bit risky because as much as i love it and love learning more about it, i feel like i don’t know as much as i should. i’m not caroline hirons and i’m not pretending i am but i felt like this post and joined video could be very helpful. skin is precious and something you should look after and i like looking after mine but most skincare items that are talked about a lot are very, very pricey. probably rightly so but i’m a student, i live on my own and i want to have a stable routine and i want to be able to afford my skincare products at any time. maybe some of you are with me on that so i hope this post will be helpful.

find your skin type
obviously a vital part of having a proper routine is treating your skin based on your type. my found mine according to sali hughes in her book pretty honest. i have dehydrated skin which means my skin looks best when i just got out of the shower or just washes it with water and i sometimes get dry patches when i haven’t been looking after it properly. it also can feel a bit tight whenever its not moisturized is the right way.

keeping it simple
whenever it comes to my routine itself, i like keeping it simple and easy to do. in the morning, i wash my face with water, shock horror. it just works best and i think you can over do skincare. why use 3 cleansers in the morning when water does the job. in the morning i use the nivea day cream for sensitive skin. its a very basic cream and is hydrated my skin so well over the whole day and keeps it plump and smooth. makeup sits on it very well too. for night time and for days when i don’t wear any makeup i like opting for something a bit more rich. i use the garnier hydra bomb night cream. its a gel texture and just sits on my skin longer and makes it feel so hydrated over a long period of time. it also makes it so much softer and i love it.
for cleansers i use garnier products as well which are essentially the same. one is the classic garnier micellar water and the other one is the new micellar cleansing gel which i like using all over my face to take my makeup off and the classic micellar water to take my eye makeup off and thats basically it. its easy, simple and quick and get the job done. i like having the same routine and sticking with it.
so here we are. my drugstore skincare routine. when i have a bigger budget, i will probably venture into the expensive and shiny skincare world but until then i’m very happy with the routine i have and it works for me. it cheap and cheerful and i hope this video helped some of you in some way.

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