Sunday Mood #48

happy sunday my loves. i hope you had a beautiful and productive week. mine was stressful to say the least but also lovely. because i told myself that this year i’m gonna make my dreams come true and create the life i want to live, from this sunday mood onwards i will include a section on this post for videos i uploaded this past week. youtube is my love. i just love doing videos, i want to be good at it and put out content i enjoy and i would love if you would enjoy it too. you have been such a great support and i would love if you would support me over there too. if you are not interested in them, thats fine too. all up to you.

what i did:
it was my last week of this winter term and i feel like everything went by so quickly. where is time going? it also has been such a nerve wrecking week. i got the topic for my final assignment and i’m just all over the place. where should i start? i have no idea but i’m ready to do it. other than being at uni i didn’t do much really, a little trip to lush, valentines day with my love which basically consisted of a 3 hour modern family marathon. just what i needed.
what i didn’t do:
gym…once again. i just can’t make time for it but i hope i finally manage to include it into my schedule over the next weeks. i know i will feel better.
what i ate:
i’m obsessed with pears at the moment and i have no idea why. they just taste amazing and i also started falling in love with almond milk again. its just so much better than regular milk.
what i want to do next week:
prepare for my exam on friday and start with my assignment. i also have 2 videos i want to film and upload and i have all posts for next week scheduled already so i can fully go into studying mode and i’m ready. i know it will feel weird to not go to lectures for a while but i have more time to finish my exams and assignments.
one word to describe the past week:
what i uploaded last week:

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