Sunday Mood #46

happy sunday lovelies. another weeks is over and typing this post always makes me realize how quick time is passing. to be fair, i wish it would slow down as i’m not quite ready for all the uni work coming up. i have no idea how i will manage life. for some reason i’m so done with uni at the moment. i just feel like it takes too long and i would much rather have a lovely job by now but hey ho, it was my choice to go for a law degree which by the way takes 7(!) years to achieve in germany. sometimes i think it would have been better to go for a bachelors degree but everything happens for a reason and at least i have time to work on my blog alongside. to be fair, it is my biggest dream to make an income from blogging but thats a long way to go but one day, i might be looking back at this to see that my dream came true and i hope you are all with me then still. 
what i did:
after having quite a rocky monday because of my frickin’ id the week actually worked out just the way it should have. it has been a good week full of lectures and lovely chats with my uni pals and also, i had the best day shopping with a friend of mine and picked up the most amazing coat ever. it will be featured in an upcoming outfit post. sadly, i didn’t manage to get a fashion post up this week because the weather has been grey on grey and my boyfriend and i had no chance to get some pictures done. we made up for that today though. 
what i didn’t do:
i wanted to give the flat a good old proper clean but i haven’t managed to do it yet. because i get so annoyed at the smallest bit of mess, it tidy at least and i probably will freak a bit later and do it all at once.
what i ate:
i always feel like german stores in general are the latest to the party with everything. so when i did my food shop on friday, i saw that they finally carry frozen acai to make home made acai bowls and i went a bit mental and made acai bowls for myself. so good. i can’t stop eating them.
what i want to do next week:
i have quite a busy week of studying ahead of me and i want to film at least two videos to update my channel a bit. i really am in the mood the vlog so i might do that. let me know if you would like to see some or if you have any requests.
one word to describe the past week:

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