Do I want it to end?

Coat: Mango // Jeans: Primark // Bag: Primark // Shoes: Primark
Location: Heilandskirche Sakrow, Germany

when you are reading this, my term is over, its technically my break but when you study law, there are no breaks. i have a very important assignment to do, exams, internships and with the end of this term, i only have one left. one, before probably taking the hardest exams i have ever done. exams that require a year of preparing for them. am i ready? for sure not! i find myself moaning about the fact that i went for law instead of a regular bachelors degree because i feel like it all takes so long and i would have received my bachelors degree last year if i went for one. i would be able to work, earn, have a real adult life but am i ready? it really hit me a few weeks,  i don’t have much time left in this sweet student life with very little responsibilities and more time to do things i actually want to do and even though i tend to wish it was all over already, do i really want it to end?

enjoy it while it lasts
i‘m always longing for security and i’m scared to never find a job i love and that pays me enough to live comfortably and reach my goals. on one hand i’m dreaming of a wedding and having kids and i’m almost annoyed at myself that i can’t afford it yet, on the other hand i have no idea which job i actually want to do. i don’t know if i’m ready to settle behind a desk. will i have enough time to blog? so many questions are running through my head as off lately and i started asking myself do i really want it to end? the answer is no. i always enjoyed being a student. its an adult like life with so much freedom, at least in germany it is. maybe its just me always focusing on what it could be, should be, will be than living in the moment. this period of my life will not come back and i better enjoy the last bits of it as much as i can. lets live in the moment.

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