A Scent of Dreams

to me a nice perfume is a treat. its nothing i just buy on a whim or because i’m bored, its something that i plan, think about, test and think of over and over again. my boyfriend likes gifting me them for my birthday and christmas and to me, thats what they are made for. to be special. i get why many are so expensive and i could actually spend ages sniffing different ones and admiring exquisite bottles. one brand that always crosses my mind when i think about very luxurious perfumes is tom ford. such amazing looking bottles and perfumes that cost more than i could spend at the moment but all the ones i sniffed before have just been amazing. so unique, feminine and sexy. when i received a gift card for christmas, i knew it was about time for a treat. and here we are with my scent of dreams.

tom ford black orchid
tom ford black orchid is describes as a woody and oriental scent which is very intensive. top notes are black truffles and ylang-ylang, bergamotte and black currants. it also contains a black orchid scent and has notes of pepper and cloves. to make it even more sexy it also contains lotus wood to achieve the perfect dark and deep floral scent.
why so dreamy?
tom ford scents just have this magic to them. they just are so feminine and sexy, something so special and i don’t smell them on others that often. they have that darkness to them but are so powerful and fresh at the same time and i know some of my friends find them to be too much. too strong, too deep, but for me they are perfection. all of them. what i love most about black orchid is how deep and woody it is but when o wear it, it transforms into something very light and floral. but its not a sickly sweet floral scent. its soft but yet mysterious. its a bit like vanilla and still so powerful. i love how well the dark floral scent works with the wood in it and almost a bit of spice when the scent is about to leave your nose. its brilliant and so perfect. i couldn’t stop sniffing it when it first got it and spraying it feel like a treat. i want to expand my tom ford collection and i find them to be perfect and something i want to have with me at any point of my life. its just such a treat and makes me feel so special.

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