4 Ways of Love and How to Show It

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Valentine’s Day is over now but i have to say, i still feel the love all around. i don’t really bother with valentine’s day to be fair because its our anniversary right before and i just like showing love all around but this year, i was quite focused on valentine’s day and it was just so lovely even though we did nothing but having a 3 hour modern family marathon. i saw so many people with flowers for their loved ones and even my grocery store handed out chocolate hearts. with this day comes controversy. my twitter feed was filled with people either loving it and swooning over what their partner did for them or people getting a bit mad about it and there where so many “its just tuesday” tweets and ultimately you can think about is whatever you want but like the idea of having a day just for love even though you can show it all year around and love can be so much, not only between you and your partner and to me, love is one of the meanings of life. love is what keeps us alive.
My Better Half
obviously most people celebrate this day and every occasion to show love with a partner, their boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, wife/husband. a person who ideally should stand by your side through everything. guide you, make you feel strong, support you but also tell you their honest opinion. its about respect ultimately. we all probably remember the honeymoon phase, all the butterflies and just being so into each other. as much as i still love my boyfriend, to be fair more and more every day, we both have such busy schedules. he works full time, i’m a full time student and work alongside and i want to make sure i care about my relationship, spend time on it and nurture it and a day like valentine’s day is a great day to just show your partner your love. especially when you have been together for a while and you don’t have to spend all your savings. how about flowers, write them a love letter, prepare a meal, have a date again…love needs to be nurtured to grow.
My Best Friend
i was never one to have millions of friends. i like to keep people close to me and actually i wouldn’t say i have one best friend, i have very few girls very close to my heart and to be fair, i wouldn’t be the person i am today without them. its not only that, its the kind of support you get even if its not always what you want to hear but ultimately you need the honest words and also the cry laughing. sometimes i feel like cherishing your friends gets left out and it really shouldn’t. it can be just a simple text. just letting them know that you are thankful to have them around. thank them for a good talk or for letting you borrow the cute top. the older you get, the busier life gets and sometimes its hard to make one on one time with friends, especially when they are also in relationships, have deadlines to think about. invite them over for a cuppa and a chat or have a meal at your favourite restaurant and make time to properly catch up. it doesn’t have to be on valentine’s. it can be any day.

my family
is there anything as good as a proper chat to a mother, father or sibling? i know i’m lucky to have the family i have. we are very close, i have a strong relationship to my parents and despite the kinda awkward age gap my sister and i have, we are as close as ever and i couldn’t imagine life without them. i don’t live at home anymore which means i’m not around my family as much as i would love to and even though my parents and sister are aware of the fact i love them dearly, i sometimes feel like its just right to point it out again. my parents are just the biggest support ever and sometimes i feel like only they really get me and know how i truly feel about everything life related. because i’m not at home anymore i like to sneak in one on one time with every part of my family. my mum and i go for lunch together and enjoy shopping, my dad and i love going to the cinema and my sister and i do even more shopping together and its just what i need sometimes. i actually am quite good at telling my parents how much i love them and i’m proud of that but i just want to make sure they know. even if its just a text or helping them out. they are my world.
i feel like self love has been popping up left, right and centre online lately and i’m on board with that but to me, self love doesn’t have to be posing in yoga pants and having green juices all the time. self love is to me is caring for my soul, making sure i’m okay and for me that means getting my mind off things, having a break and me time and listening to my needs. i tend to overthink my life and overwork myself so loving me means having a day to myself sometimes. just doing what i like which actually means getting a work out in, having a bubble bath and enjoying the comfort of my home. sometimes is just as little as buying myself a new nail polish. make sure to listen to yourself from time to time and making sure you are actually okay with whats going on. life can be so daunting and hard and too much so its okay to step back, breathe and show yourself love. self love means self care.
love can come in all shapes and forms, it can be shown in many ways. important for me is, to just show it. what is love to you and how do you show it?

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