Sunday Mood #44

the first sunday mood in 2017, so welcome. the sunday mood series is my little baby but around christmas and new years is just to hectic and i just didn’t manage to do a post but here we go again. i can’t believe its a new year and i’m so ready to tackle it. since 2016 hasn’t been the best year i feel so ready make this year perfect. i had a very relaxing and wonderful start so far and such a chilled out new years. i also am in full speed when it comes to filming and blogging and i feel like i have my schedule finally the way i want it to be. because this year is the year to turn my blog into what i want it to be, i have a lovely make over planned for the blog so i hope you will enjoy it too when its ready.
what i did:
i always feel like the first week of a new year is always back to reality week but it actually wasn’t hard for me. i went to uni and had so much time to get my blog into space. i also filmed so many videos and made so many plans for future videos and i’m ready. i also had such a lovely saturday shopping and i just feel so myself lately which is just perfect for me.
what i didn’t do:
uni is gonna be on fire the next few months and i have to get back into studying more which is what i want to take up next week and find a good way for me to be as productive as i can.
what i ate:
i actually didn’t eat anything too exciting so thats a bit sad the only thing i’m so obsessed with at the moment is mars bars which is very bad…i need to stop.
what i want to do next week:
i want to keep my schedule up the way i have it know and film even more videos to have them ready at all times. i also want to get back to working out on a regular. because life got so busy i just didn’t manage to keep my routine up but i will get back into for sure.
one word to describe the past week:

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