Lush Boxing Day Haul

i usually don’t go for boxing day sales and really wasn’t planning to do it but when i was chilling on my sofa as boxing day still is a holiday here and no shops were open, i saw people going quite mental at lush via twitter and apparently they had 50% off their christmas stock…amazing. so whilst everyone was raging online i decided to just go into store the next day and pick up what i want then and there and it was surprisingly calm as they had no actual signs of any sale outside the store and i picked up a bag full of lush goodies. to me, lush christmas stock is just the best as lush is in general. so i picked up a little variety of products which i’m gonna share with you today.
i know a handful of people who never go into lush because they feel like the scents are just too much and i kinda feel them. as much as i love lush it can be a bit too many scents left and right so actually picked up a few items which are not a scent slap in the face and are just so beneficial for not only my skin but also for a bit of pamper after a long day. first one os the butter bear. there actually is the butter ball which is available all year around but for some reason i prefer the little bear shaped version. it contains cocoa butter and vanilla and smells so warming and lovely and just like a hug. its actually my favourite lush scent ever. its not one to create millions of bubbles, swirls of colour of glitter, it just smells lovely and makes my skin silky soft. stardust has to be my favourite lush bath bomb. it looks very simple as its just a white star but it actually has a bit of blue and little stars in it so its a tad more exciting as butter bear but the scent and benefits are the same so its probably the best of both worlds. colour and surprises but a very calming and warming scents which is not overpowering at all. my boyfriend loves a good bath and certainly likes to sneak away one or two bath bombs from time to time but he doesn’t like going into the shop at all as the scents are too much for him but there are actually a few products with very nice scents which my boyfriend approves. one of them is my favourite new member of the lush christmas family. its snowie. he is just the cutest and his scent is perfect. very fresh but yet calming and not strong at all. he creates tons of soft bubbles and can be used multiple times. i never went for the christmas penguin before so as the sale went down, i decided to try it. all penguins looked a bit sorry for themselves but i still wanted one and got one and i’m actually blown away by the scent. its so light and fresh and i have no idea what in it but i can just imagine how nice a bath with it will be.
when going into lush, i, and i’m sure many, just want a beautiful, colourful and just wow-like bath which is why i went for some very fun looking bath bombs and bubble bars with heavier scents. my favourite lush christmas bath bomb has to be the golden wonder. its a huge one and makes for a especially luxe bath after a hard week , maybe with a glass of white wine on the side. it makes my bath water turn into the most beautiful turquoise colour with gold swirls and its just a treat in itself with the scent of lemon and bergamot. a lush bath bomb that basically looks like a party is about to start in your bath tub. its the luxury lush pud. never used it before and i am excited. the lavender scent is a bit of a contrast to the bright look but it will surely make an amazing bath. one bath bomb i used before is mistletoe. it contains yasmin and ylang ylang. very floral and feminine and actually a very lovely scent. it is strong but very lovely indeed. especially because it turns my bath water pink. last but not least is one that always confuses me a bit. its peeping santa bubble bar. because it looks so red and festive i expect a very spicy scent but its actually the opposite. its smells like snow fairy so cotton candy sweet and quite sickly. since i like to break up my bubble bars it is fine with me even though its not my favourite scent but the cute look makes up for it.
did you manage to grab anything from the boxing day sale? what your favourite lush bath bomb? let me know.

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