Looking Back on 2016

another year is almost over and i can’t quite believe it. it seems like the last time i sat down to write this kind of post was only a few days ago and not a whole year. i think many people are not very sad to let 2016 go and i’m certainly one of them and even though i believe that everything happens for a reason, this year was not the easiest to say the least. it actually started on new years eve and our new years outing ended quite quickly for me when i had to pick up a friend from a party crying her eyes out. i won’t go into too much detail but it basically ended in a former group of friends not existing anymore and a lot to think about. so 2016 didn’t exactly start on a high. a few weeks later i had to leave a job i loved due to changes with staff and i was quite sad about it to say the least. i always loved working and working at a lawyers office as a law student almost seemed to perfect to be true.

all of the sudden i started feeling very out of place and struggled with everything, especially financially. because i had a big project at uni coming up i decided to not start a new job and adjusting to that was harder than i thought. i felt like i couldn’t keep up with adult life. i felt like everything was too much and money was tighter than ever. for some odd reason i started falling out of love with youtube and my channel. it was not what i wanted and i also had no idea what i wanted to do with it. even though my wish for a successful channel was strong i just didn’t know what to with it or how i could improve my channel and i felt like i couldn’t meet my own expectations. 
in april, i turned 23 and for the first time in years i decided to do a little party and invite people over because my parents treated me to a new kitchen. we had a lovely buffet and it was the most perfect day to say the least and such a nice break of feeling so off and it made me realize that i should start celebrating my birthdays again and i surely will. my new kitchen also made me feel so much more at home and it gave me so many new ideas for my home. 

besides feeling like struggling with adult life and feeling like i just wasn’t moving forward in no way, i actually passed the big uni project with a better grade than i expected which was welcome, obviously and summer started on a higher note. my family decided to start doing more day trips as a family as long as my grandparents are still able to and looking back, our day trip to a concert in a cloister about 40 minutes outside of berlin was such a perfect day. it was also time for our annual family holiday. this year we decided to head up to sweden again. a week in helsingborg which is basically right across denmark and very close to copenhagen and a second week up near gotheburg. it was perfect and since we have been there quite a few times, it felt like home and sometimes having a few weeks with the family is all you need and it was certainly what i needed.

as soon as autumn came closer i felt like was getting back on track. a bit at least. me and two friends have been planning a trip to london which i was beyond excited about. after a lot of trouble around this trip we ended up going as a duo because of visa issues which was sad but we still had an amazing time. london and england in general are very close to my heart, i felt so at home and so me and it made me want to live there for some time even more. i also started feeling so much more happy with my blog. even though my channel still felt off, my blog made me as happy as ever and as soon as i went back to uni in october, it almost felt like my life had a purpose again. the classes i’m taking at the moment are great, i made new friends and i feel like i found my peace with it. uni has not been easy for me to say the least but i finally feel like i found my place and i finally have an idea of what i want to do as a job one day. 2016 was treating me a bit better but i was still exhausted from the struggles early this year.

the more i got towards the end of 2016, the more i got back on track. i decided to join a group of blogging girls called the blogging friends and it was one of the best decisions of this year. being surrounded by like minded and inspiring girls is a true blessing. i also started getting back into youtube and even though youtube is a freaking out a bit i still decided to do vlogmas and i loved it. i also decided to start a new job and end my financial struggles and i feel like i’m back to myself, back to being motivated and even excited for new challenges ahead and 2017 too. 2016 has been hard. i struggled so many times and felt out of place but every challenge shaped me into the person i am today and life isn’t always sunshine and happiness. yet, i’m not sad at all to let 2016 go. 2017 will be packed and i have quite a few challenges ahead already but i’m ready. 

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