Charlotte Tilbury Christmas

christmas just gets so much more exciting when my favourite brands bring out their exclusive gift sets. to me, something about them is just so special and i certainly want most gift sets featured in gift guides. if they are the best value for money is another story but i love them anyway. charlotte tilbury is one of my favourite high end makeup brands out there. i love every product i have tried so far and there always something on my wish list i want to try next. this year i was very lucky to receive some lovely charlotte tilbury makeup sets from my best friend which is just so amazing and i was over the moon. everything is just perfect and it think its only right to share them with you. also, i probably created my favourite ever flat lay for this post so i hope you enjoy it.
so both gift sets are designed as tree hanger which is so cool. i wish i had the budget to have charlotte tilbury make up all over my tree to be honest but i don’t…anyway. the first one is essentially a huge bauble with the signature charlotte tilbury stars all over it. its called legendary party eyes and holds two products of her range. one of them is the legendary lashes mascara. i always wanted to try it and it comes in her signature rose gold packaging with quite a big natural bristle brush. can’t wait to try it. it also has a legendary eyeliner in bedroom black in it. i’m in need of a new eyeliner and its literally jet black and so smooth. the bauble itself ist very well made and quite heavy and just reflects the high end brand charlotte tilbury is.
the other one is smaller but so sooooo exciting. its the k.i.s.s.i.n.g  fallen from the christmas tree mini lipstick charms…phew. what a mouthful. i saw their mini lipstick charms in many videos and they are the cutest thing ever and so tiny and sweet. a set comes with three different shades which in this case are two neutral shades and a bright red. the red one is called so marylin. the two nude shades are penelope pink and bitch perfect.let me tell you, they smell so good. like the best vanilla scent ever and the packaging is yet again rose gold with the little stars all over it.
so here we go. christmas with charlotte tilbury. i love the gift sets a lot and i’m so happy that i got them. have you tried any of the products shown or did you receive or even give one of the sets? let me know.

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