Sunday Mood #40

can we take a moment to just take in the fact that its nearly december? i’m getting ready for vlogmas over here and i already have multiple video ideas in mind and i’m already scheduling blog posts as i want to make sure this blog will be updated at any times. i’m just so excited for this december. i just want to make the best out of it content wise and really step up my game so i might prefilm most of my video in order to make sure everything goes live in time and you guys can enjoy my content. also, i have been thinking about buying myself a new vlogging camera because i don’t have one and i can only use my big canon which is not very handy on a day to day basis but we will see how i get on and i might step out and buy myself one in order to vlog more in general. so yeah, i’m excited and ready to go but lets talk about the last week first.
what i did:
so there is this horrid cold going around and after helping my bestie with some new furniture in her flat, i felt like death the day after and i’m still not as 100%. since my boyfriend was sick too, we basically spend the days at home just getting better. i only left home to go to work but i managed to keep this blog updated, decorated my flat, uploaded a video and also had my first go at christmas baking.
what i didn’t do:
i wanted to study bit more but since i was quite poorly i just couldn’t focus on one thing so i will have to make up for that next week.
what i ate:
tons of apples because i was craving something fruity all the time and i developed a weird obsession with lentils. i could literally eat them just like that.
what i want to do next week:
i want to film at least 3 videos and schedule even more blog posts to make sure i can provide all the festive content. also, i want to start off vlogmas right and obviously be good student and employee alongside. my grandma and i bake her traditional christmas cookies every year and i’m gonna spend an afternoon with her next week. i can’t wait.
one word to describe the past week:

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