Sunday Mood #37

another week is over and it went so quickly. i always feel like when i go to uni time just flies and all of the sudden its sunday again and i find myself trying to get prepared for a new week ahead which will basically be like the last one. kinda sad to me. i have been thinking about youtube a lot and i really want to tackle it full steam ahead. its what i love and i want to make most off it and just focus on the videos i love. 2013 youtube was my jam and i really want to make the laid back, casual and just normal life of a girl who has no idea what to do with her life and i will obviously share my videos with you in the hope that someone will like it too. but for now, lets talk about last week:
what i did:
the usual. uni work and it was a lot but also quite fun because i have such lovely people around me at uni. other than that i joined my friend who went mental in ikea and bought herself a new bed and sofa and it was so much fun. i also managed to keep my blog updated which is great.
what i didn’t do:
start my new youtube content but there was no time. it will happen next week though.
what i ate:
so soooo many apples. i got obsessed with them all of the sudden and i’m currently eating one. at least there are healthy and they work so good with every breakfast. gotta love me some apples.
what i want to do next week:
focus on youtube. its time to finally do what i want the way i want it. obviously uni will happen too but thats just what i have to do each week.
one word to describe the past week:

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