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as much as i love my bright lips i’m not always in the mood to crack out all the reds and to be honest, sometimes i can’t deal with a bright colour in my face because i’m quite clumsy and basically get my lipstick everywhere. a nude lip is also a basic and beautiful option to go for on a day to day basis. as i have collected quite a few make up items over the past years, i obviously have nude lip favourites i like going for and i wanted to share them with you in todays post. i personally prefer pink or mauve toned nudes and really straight up nude lipsticks make me look quite dead and a little pink tone just suits me best i feel. if you know of any real nude lipsticks for pale skin, let me know because i would love to try one. 
mac is still one of my favourite lipstick brands out there and i have to say many of my favourite lipsticks in general are by mac. i love the variety in formula and colour and i’m deadly sure that there is colour for everyone. in this post i will start with the colours from left to right.
i actually love the mac matte formula and the first nude is a matte one but its not dry. its still creamy and feels comfy the whole day. i have to admit that most of my mac lipsticks are matte and one of my faves has to be pink plaid. its such a perfect cool toned mauvy pinky nude and i love it. it looks very natural but yet pulls my day to day make up look together. if you prefer a slight warmer shade of nude, i would highly recommend please me. its basically my summer nude because its so warm but still perfect for every make up look and looks perfect even on light skin.
now, i know not everyone likes matte lipsticks and i actually have some more creamy nude favourites as well. normally, i don’t really like macs creme sheen formula but creme cup i just such a perfect colour and the formula goes perfectly with it. its not as pigmented so i never have worry about id fading weirdly. its a classic quite pale pinky nude and looks great with lip liner under it and if you are just starting out your mac collection, you need to get this one.
the only drugstore option is one i have been using for such a long time and i love it. its a bit more brown toned and very creamy and shiny. its the l’oréal jlos nude. such a perfect, perfect colour and i have been using it loads lately.

what are your favourite nude lipstick shades? i would love to hear your recommendations and i’m always willing to expand my lipstick collection.


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