My Everyday Make Up Routine + Video

i think most people have a go to look when it comes to make up on a day to day basis and so do i. i spend most days at uni and as much as i love going all out with my make up, i always go for the same look on normal days. simple eyes and a neutral pink lipstick and a cat flick off course and i’m good to go. its fuss free and always looks right and i can do it in in a very short amount of time. since i want to get back into youtube i wanted to make a video about it. if you want to support my channel, you can subscribe here. it would mean the world to me, to say the least.
when it comes to a daily makeup routine i think we all tend to go for products which just work and have been favourites for ages. my perfect trio for my complexion has to be my nars sheer glow, collection concealer and hourglass powder. they just get the job done and i know that i don’t have to worry about anything. i go for a very dewy complexion because i have quite dry skin and i want to look as fresh faced as i can. my eyes stay the same most days and i actually use a palette which seems to be catered towards night out looks. its the urban decay naked smoky palette. the natural colour in it are perfect and just work for me and i would highly recommend it. a pop of pink blush always ties my make up together and i love using the maxfactor cream puff blush in seductive pink. for my lips i have been using the best nude combo for a while now and you have to try it. you have to! is the mac lip liner in edge to edge with the l’oréal jlos nude. its just the best.
whats your everyday make up routine and are there products you can’t go without? let me know.

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