The Things i’m Dreaming about

all my life i have been quite a dreamer. it kinda relaxes my mind and makes me excited for life to just sit there and dream about all the things i want to do, see, experience. it makes me realize what makes me truly happy and what i want to do be my reality. some people might call it being naive and not living in the moment but i have always been like that and to me, theres no reason to put effort into anything when theres nothing you dream about. because i’m sure i’m not the only one being a little dreamer, i thought in todays post i share my dreams with you. before we start, all the pictures were taken in sweden at the most insane and golden sunset and it created such a dreamy scenery. just perfection so i thought the pictures are rather fitting for todays post.

dreaming about marriage and a perfect barn wedding sounds like such a typical girls dream but i wanted to get married ever since. obviously many marriages end in divorce which is the number one fact people keep on telling me when i talk about how much i want to get married to the person i love most. my parents have been in a relationship and married for ages, my grand parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2012 and that is something i admire so much. my wedding pinterest board is probably my favourite thing ever and i actually can’t wait to plan a wedding and be with someone forever. obviously you don’t need a wedding to do be happy with a person for the rest of your life but i just imagine it being so magical and happy.
Living somewhere else
i lived in berlin all my life and i love it but i really, really want to move somewhere else. as much as my home town will always be home, i also felt home in other places and one place i can totally see myself moving to is england. for some very odd reason i feel so at home there and really at peace with myself and i feel like it would be a good decision to not only experience life somewhere else but also move to a place that makes you really, really happy and who knows? i might announce my big move on this blog someday.
A Perfect Kitchen
this might sound so weird but having the perfect big kitchen with an island and a belfast sink i just my dream. i’m an interior lover all around but i feel like a beautiful kitchen just makes a house a home for me. as i love cooking and baking i spend quite a bit of time, i really want to have the perfect open space kitchen one day. i have no idea if this is a dream of many but ever since my parents installed a brand new and perfect kitchen in our family home when i was about 9, i knew i wanted one myself. safe to say that i could spend days in the ikea kitchen department.
A Job that i Love
there are many people out there who can literally only do what they truly love and i’m not one of them. i like so many different things and i’m interested in so much. i can also easily do things i don’t really like without getting upset but i still dream about doing one thing i love and i’m not gonna lie being able to do blogging and youtube full time would be a dream come true. i’m obviously miles away from that but a girl can dream and don’t you worry, even though i might not be able to do all of this full time, i don’t see myself stopping anyway. its just makes me way too happy to stop it one day.
again, another really girly thing to dream about but i always wanted to have kids. i’m a very family orientated person and always loved the idea of having my own little family. i might not be ready to have kids just yet but i can’t wait sometimes. i’m also really lucky to be with an awesome man who shares basically all of my dreams with me and i would be more than happy to have kids with him, to say the least. also, a few weeks back my mum told me that she would be quite upset if my sister and i would decide to not have kids soooo yeah. 
dreaming is a part of me and i feel like sharing them with you is just so nice. it might be such a personal thing and some people won’t be able to understand my way of dreaming but maybe there are things you are dreaming about and feel free to share them with me.

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