Sunday Mood #28

can we just all take a moment for this heat? i mean, i never was a summer person but every now and then i like the hotter days but this heat is just too much.  today its gonna be 33 degrees…like what? i’m not made for this and to be honest, i’m already looking forward to autumn and i’m already planning videos and blog posts for that time of the year so yeah. i’m still doing my best to enjoy every single day as it comes because i can’t be living in the future all the time so i’m gonna sit hear and try to enjoy this heat as much as i can and hopefully i won’t melt away.
what i did:
coming back from holiday always means having a busy week. i sorted out everything i bought, did so many loads of washing but also enjoyed being back with my boyfriend and friends. despite the heat, i made it to the gym 3 times, went for swims and hung out with friends. one of my friends is leaving for china tomorrow for a work trip so we went for farewell drinks and also i finally had a catch up with one of my longest guy friends and it was lovely. i also figured out where i want to take my channel and how many times i want to upload.
what i didn’t do:
i did everything i needed to do, so i’m happy.
what i ate:
i’m back on the healthy wagon and want to keep it up. since its so hot, i had so much watermelon and made many stir fries and it was yummy.
what i want to do next week:
i want to film two videos and also work on my weekly vlogs and obviously spend time with friends and family.
one word to describe the past week:

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