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liquid lipsticks are everywhere right now and rightly so. the concept is perfect to me. easy to apply, matte and long lasting. sadly, germany is always the last country to jump on the band wagon or even stock any type of liquid lipstick so i wasn’t quite lucky with getting my paws on some so far. now that i’m on holiday i was finally able to pick some up i wanted for ages. a drugstore option i had my eyes on for a while are the nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks. to me, they really are liquid lipsticks because they don’t feel velvety and kinda creamy once they dry. they dry completely matte but i don’t feel anything moving around my lips. they are very long lasting and stay put easily but after a meal you might want to apply them again. to me, any type of matte lipstick feels slightly dry after a long day but a bit of carmex and we are all good again. whilst wearing them, they weren’t drying at all and i felt very comfortable wearing them. almost like i forgot that i even put lipstick on which is just great. 
when i went to the nyx counter at matas, which is a danish drugstore, most colour were already sold out and only two very neutral shades were left for me to buy. the first one i got is quite a typical nude for me and it is 06 push-up. its a warm toned nude with orange undertones. a nude like this one will not make you look dead or pasty which happens quite easily to pale girls like me. the second one is a bit out of my comfort zone. its the very cool toned brown that has been on trend the past couple of months. i never branched out in that colour range but i can’t wait to try it. its the colour 01 honeymoon. because it is a colour i have not really worn before i have to come up with a make up look i want to do with it and if you would be interested i would love to share it with you on my channel maybe.
have you ever tried the nyx lingerie lipsticks? let me know what you think and which colours you got. i would love to try more. 

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