Holiday Dreaming

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its summer holiday time and i can not wait to get into the car at 5 in the morning on saturday in order to catch the ferry over to denmark and sweden. my family basically does a big family summer holiday each year and even though i don’t live with my parents anymore, i love to join them. we as a family usually travel to northern europe and are not ones to do big hotels, shared pools and sun bathing only. we like urban exploring, nature, relaxation and shopping. i think i get my love for shopping from my mum for sure. denmark has been our holiday spot ever since i was a kid. we usually go to the same costal village and even though i’ve been to denmark countless times,  i never been to copenhagen. so when it came to deciding where to go this year, we agreed on sweden. a place where we have been to in the past too. sweden was actually my first holiday destination when i was a just one year old. we will be staying in western sweden. one week we’ll be in a modern beach house right on the beach close to helsingborg and certainly close to copenhagen so i can finally go there and i’m so excited. the second week we will be heading further north close to gotheburg. one of my favourite swedish cities ever. its so beautiful, perfect to shop and has such beautiful nature around. we will be staying in quite a traditional swedish house and i can not wait. i can not wait to take endless walks and take a million of pictures. for some reason sweden and denmark always make me my happiest. so many happy childhood memories and it almost feels like a home away from home. since i rambled about my upcoming holiday, i wanted to ask you if there is any content you’d love to see. maybe a must see in sweden? or maybe a gothnburg travel guide? please let me know and i can’t wait to take all you with me.


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