The Girls who made me do it

when people ask me why i started blogging, i can never really answer it. there was no real reason why i once sat down and went online to start my own little spot on the internet. there probably are quite a few reasons why i decided to do it but its quite hard for me to put my finger on the actual reason. what i can give a good answer to is when i ask myself which bloggers did inspire me and there are quite a few. blogs i loved to read back in the day when i was still at my parents house, the blogs i was obsessed with. it always seemed like all these girls were living the absolute dream, doing what they love doing and i certainly wanted to do it too. my blog is small compared to where the girls are now but i don’t really care. this blog and everyone who is reading it has been the best decision of my life.

one of the first blogs i came across was mariannas blog. i started reading blogs by scandinavian girls first and she had one of those blogs i became obsessed with. her photography is amazing and i think she really shares what she wants to share. sometimes it a fashion post, sometimes food, sometimes lifestyle and thoughts and that is what i love. her sense of style is so simple and effortless. what i love and what made me fall in love with her blog is that her photography doesn’t seem acted of that makes any sense. she did outfits shots where ever she was and i love that so much.
if you like very, veeeeery nicely shot and very dreamy and just beautiful outfit shots and lifestyle posts, kerti pahks blog is the place to go. all her blog posts have something magical about them and make you feel like she is living in a fairytale and i love it so much. i certainly would love to take my outfit shots in that direction too. her style is so feminine and dreamy and i could scroll through her blog for ages. even though she is not really active on her blog anymore i still love it. she recently launched a clothing line so that is just amazing.
Shelley Mulshine
okay who remembers the good ol’ lookbook.nu times? anyone? if you do, i’m pretty sure you remember shelley mulshine. i always had a thing for swedish bloggers and she certainly was one of the most successful ones out there. her style has always been very unique and goes from bold so simple and effortless and i loved her so soooo much. everything about her was just great and i loved reading whatever she was writing about. her blog is not really there anymore which makes me quite sad to be honest. she is still active on social media but not as much as she was back in the day.
last but really not least is the ultimate queen of the internet, zoe sugg aka zoella. i started reading her blog and watching her youtube channel in 2011 and i was hooked ever since. i love how girly and bubbly she is and she deserves all the success so much. she was probably the last push for me to finally create my own blog and here we are. i might have a very unpopular opinion but even though i love her current content i prefer her old videos back from 2012/2013. they are just the best to me which is why i went with an old photo of her.
so here we go. the girls who made me do it and i still love them today, many years later. are there any blogger which made you start? or some that you love today and inspire you today? let me know.

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