Sunday Mood #24

hey you little loves. i hope you survived the heat. in berlin, the heat is still going and i’m melting off my chair it the moment. i like summer but it has never been my favourite season of them all. personally, i much prefer autumn and winter fashion. i love layering and i just feel way more comfortable when its not 30 degrees outside. hopefully, theres someone out there who feels the same but now we have to go with it right? i’m still gonna dream about my autumn/winter wardrobe. anyway, the past week has been really good to me. i’m on my break from uni, i passed my presentation and everything went really smooth and now, i can not wait to have more time for myself and this blog too. so i’m excited.
what i did the past week:
finishing uni for this semester….yaaaaaay. i’m so sooo super happy about it. i finally had time to blog and film as much as wanted to. also, me and my family went on a lovely day trip yesterday which was so nice. can’t wait to do more trips this summer.
what i didn’t do:
not worry. i worry about everything and this year has been very hard for me for some odd reason so i hope i can figure myself out asap.
what i ate:
i’m still dreaming about my spritzkuchen that i had yesterday. its a typical thing to get in german bakeries and its so good. its essentially a cronut but you don’t have to wait 2 hours for one. you can get them everywhere here.

what i want to do next week:
its my boyfriends birthday week so we will celebrate his special day. i also want to enjoy my free time and get as much content out for you as i can. 
one word to describe the past week:

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