Sunday Mood #23

happy sunday! this week went by so super quickly and i have no idea where time went to be honest and i’m sitting here typing and being quite excited and nervous because i will be doing my presentation in uni tomorrow and 4 pm in order to get a grade for the huge homework i kept moaning about and yes, i get excited before any type of exam because i want to do good but to be honest, i’m more excited to finally start my summer break after. so lets get this done and relax after. i’m gonna put the finishing touches on my presentation today and then kill it tomorrow but yeah, i will let you know how it went next week.
what i did:
preparing my presentation and dreaming of my summer. that was basically it. i also played pokémon go like every single day. its actually taking over my life but its so much fun. especially if you play it with friends. also, i had yet another very horrible experience with zara, i swear to god, i will never spend my money on their crap again.
what i didn’t do:
i did not go to the gym which is pretty bad but there where other things on my agenda and i will try to get a routine back but first i have to get done with this semester.
what i ate:
raspberries. they are in season right now and they certainly are my favourite fruit ever. they taste good on their own or in porridge or with granola and milk. its just the best.
what i want to do next week:
finally relax about uni and i can’t wait to do more on my blog and youtube. i’m just so looking forward to some me time.
one word to describe the past week:

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