My Go-To Breakfast

back when i was in school and had to get up at 5:45 every morning i hated having breakfast. i never made time for it and always waited until lunch break until i had my first meal. now, i can not start a day without having a good breakfast and i love something that fills me up and gives me enough energy that starts my day right. today i thought it would be nice to share my go to breakfast for warmer days with you. its literally so easy and can be changed up on a daily and totally can be adjusted to your taste. when its warmer out, i prefer something fresh and fruity and the perfect way for me to get fruits in and have something really filling, i love having yoghurt, müsli and any type of fruit. adding some honey for my sweet tooth and i’m happy.
what you need:
yoghurt, i use low fat one because i prefer the taste
• any type of müsli or granola
chia seeds 
• any type of fruit, i used grapes, raspberries and an apple
• honey
its such as simple breakfast. just add everything together and you’re good to go. you can easily switch it around to make it suit what you like or your diet maybe. i personally prefer low fat yoghurt but you could use greek yoghurt, coconut yoghurt or whatever you want. you could use your favourite kind of granola, i prefer müsli because its not as sweet and it more grainy. i also love adding chia seeds. they are my fave and i feel like they really do benefit me but you could easily add any type of super food. fruit can be added and you can use any type of fruit. i love using fruit that is in season. if you like having extra sweetness, honey, maple sirup, agave nectar or whatever can be added and you have a yummy breakfast that will keep you full and will give you enough energy for the day.
what is your go to breakfast? let me know what you like so i can add new breakfasts to my mornings.

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