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yes, i love make up and i love having a full face but at the same time i love my natural self too. a while back i wrote a blog post sharing some pictures of me without any make up on and about being confident with myself how i am. lately confidence has been a hard topic for me but i might write about that another day, when i made my mind up. Anyway, i teamed up with glossier, which is such an amazing skincare brand and I wish they would ship to germany! I decided to write a post on natural beauty based off of their motto, “skin first, makeup second, smile always!”
 its a topic i’m quite passionate about because people always mistake my love for make up for not being happy with my skin or having issues with it and i am 100% happy with it and it took me a long while. so if theres anyone reading who wishes they could just sell your skin for a new one this will maybe help you…i do hope so at least.

the one thing that helped my skin most, more than me gaining confidence over the years is a set and stable skincare routine or products that just benefit my skin. i’m personally a fan of quite a minimalistic routine. i feel like too many products won’t do you any good either. the one products that did the most for me are facial oils. kiehls ones are my firm favourites. they make my face feel moisturized for so long and add much more radiance as i have quite dry skin. i would also recommend a good cleanser to make sure your skin is clean before you go so sleep but i’m not a skincare expert. something that i do quite regular is using masks. not only one but two. one is usually some sort of clay or cleansing mask to make sure my skin is properly clean and a hydrating one because once again i have dry skin. its literally like a facial at home. 
i often read about girls and boys too feeling really insecure about their skin and i hope you’ll find a way or a product or a treatment or anything of that sort that helps you gain confidence and enables you to embrace your natural beauty on your own terms. for me natural beauty is what i am. me with make up and me without.
back to glossier…i wish i had all their skincare products already sitting in my bathroom. what i love is that their range is very simple and i think my skin would love it. also, it looks very beautiful. the one product that i would love to try so bad is the milk jelly cleanser. milk cleansers are my favourite. if theres anyone out there who has tried glossier products, please let me know what you think and if you have a blog and reviewed some of their products, leave it in a link below. also, what is your definition about natural beauty? i’d love to know.

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