A Kitchen DIY

first off all, i’m not a diy person. most diys i tried turned out horrible and its quite hard for me to come up with ideas myself but some little painting and updating is something i feel quite comfortable with. especially when it comes to changing up my apartment. sometimes i just don’t want to spend a lot of money on something new. lately i have been renovating my kitchen and a kitchen tour will be coming this week and there was one piece of furniture in it that just didn’t fit into the room at all. its my vintage cupboard that i bought in a charity furniture store. i love it but the colour was just not working with the kitchen at all anymore. it was a very dark berry and looked to heavy and odd in the room so i decided to paint it as soon as it got a bit warmer so it would dry quickly.

what you’ll need:
● tape
● paint of your choice
● a paint brush
● foil to project the furniture around
i started by taping off the cupboard to make sure only the cupboard would get repainted. it also has glass doors and i didn’t want to get paint on them. i also put foil on the furniture under it as i didn’t want paint all around my kitchen. after all the prepping was done, i basically started painting. my wooden surface was already in condition to be painted but you might have to prepare that too. white was my colour of choice.
as it was very warm the day i painted and i was able to keep the doors to the balcony open so the paint dried very quickly. depending on the original colour you might have to do multiple layers. as i had a very dark furniture piece i had to do at least 4 coats to get an coat. i also left it to dry over night.
last but not least i added handles to my cupboard. it was originally opened with a key but the lock wasn’t closing properly. the white ceramic ones have brassy gold detailing and i love them so much. they are from zara home for only 2,99€. they are amazing and work so well with the entire room. so here we go, a diy that i did and the first diy post on this blog. i probably won’t do many of them as i’m not too talented but i hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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